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  • My name is (Bernice) here you find a lot of recipes, some I had for years as I used to collect any recipe that comes across my way, some I tried for my family when they were still living at home, but now they're married with they're own family, although my youngest still living at home but it's only a matter of time, as she's 23 years old so it be just me and my hubby then
  • So as my hobby is my computer although some might say I'm to old for this technical stuff BUT from my point of view its never too late to learn and just because I was born early doesn't mean I'm not willing to give it a try (with the help of tutorials I find on the net) I thought I make something useful so I made this recipe site that I love to share with you I hope you like them and find something useful.
  • I gave this site the name Grandma's Kitchen as I think its appropriate as I'm a grandmother of 11 children and I like too dedicate this site to all of them...More sites I made are at the links at the bottom..now thers no stopping me..the sky is the limit..helps pass the time away..and I enjoy doing them
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  • These are all my GrandChildren

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