Our Collies:

Welcome to our Collie page. We have just a few examples of each of our wonderful Collies on this page, but if you want to see more of these spectacular dogs, just click on their name plates to the left. Belle was our first Collie, and our first show dog, but as you can see, the wonderful smooth Collie temperament has won us over.

Due to Belle's magnificent temperament, and overall character,one smoothie was not enough. When we decided to add to our collie numbers, we knew we wanted another tri smooth, but it also had to be along the same family lines as Belle. Rio is a grandson of the great Boomer, (Am./Can. Ch. Natural's Explosion) while Belle is his daughter. Rio came to us from our good friends in Canada at Chavanda Collies. 

Sadie just came to visit, and to be shown down here in the U.S., but we quickly discovered that we had become far to in love with her to let her return. So we now co-own her with Dave & Charlene of Chavanda Collies. She has earned her place in all our hearts, and her place on the chesterfield.

Little Frosty was our first non-tricolor, but we've quickly discovered that no matter what the color is, that same smooth Collie temperament comes shining through. Her sable sister, Dixie, has joined Frosty here to add yet another color to the pack. These two girls are totally inseperable, just ask Dena. Where one goes, the other is not far behind. These girls are Boomer's great grandaughters.

TJ is our latest addition, and already he is an American and Canadian champion. In Canada, TJ earned his Canadian chapionship, winning Best of Breed over Specials. And down here, he has just recently earned his American title, winning Best of Winners from respected Collie judge, Mrs. Mary Hutcheson.

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