Necklace patterns
Semi-Precious Gemstone Necklaces - Projects by Patrice
Silver and Turquoise Necklace and Earrings - Michaels
Simple necklace using Rocailles or seed beads - beads in abundance
Sliding Knots - Rubys beadwork
Spiral Rope Chain -
Spring Flower Necklace - Bead on the beach
Stone Bead Necklace -
Sunburst Necklace - Robyn's bead page
Sweet Heart Necklace - Robyn's bead page
St. Peterburgs Chain Instructions - howling rabbit
St.Petersburg Chain - Maria's virtual home
Sunflowers Necklace
- Maria's virtual home
Teardrop Illusion Necklace, Double Strand - michaels
Teardrop Illusion Necklace, Single Strand - michaels
Teen Necklaces
- Kd craft exchange
Terri Choker - Rubys beadwork
Three-Bead Angel Charms
- Aunt Molly's -
Tin Cup Necklace - craftbits
Traditional Chain Rosary Beads - Projects by Patrice
Turquoise 3-Strand Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings - michaels
Turquoise Beaded Necklace with Bead Caps - michaels
Two Zigzag Chains - Maria's virtual home
Vintage Bead Necklace - Projects by Patrice
Wire wrapped bead necklace - make it yourself
Yet another Hearts Necklace - Maria's virtual home
Zig Zag Choker -Rubys beadwork
Adventurine Cross Necklace - Michaels
African Trade Bead Necklace
-  Projects by Patrice
Amber Cross Necklace - Michaels
Amber Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings - michaels
Amethyst Glass and Wire Necklace and Bracelet - Michaels
A New Leaf? My Foot!
Apple Necklace Craft -
A variation of the Dutch spiral chain - beading banshee
Bargello Pendant - beadwrangler
Bead and Chain Necklaces -Projects by Patrice
Beaded Crochet Rope Instructions - Beadline -
Beaded Cross Necklace - KD craft exchange
Bean Bag Toy Necklace -
Berry Beads - beadwrangler
Cecile's Wheel -Rubys beadwork
Chevron Chain - Howling Rabbit
Chika Teraiís plaited stitch - Beads of Glass
Classic Black and White - Lapidary journal
Clay and Brass Necklace - projects by Patrice
Closed Daisy Chain -Beadwork - Suite 101
Continuous Loop Necklace - Projects by Patrice
"Cowgirl Valentine" Necklace -Vibrant Jewels
Cubic Swarovski Crystal Necklace - projects by Patrice
Czech Glass Bead Necklaces - Projects by Patrice
Drops Necklace - Maria's virtual home
Double Coin Knot - Beadwrangler
Double Spiral Rope Chain -Beadwear
Double Strand Turquoise Necklace - Michaels
Daisy Chain Primer - Anne Benson -
Designing with Daisies - Rubys beadwork
Eagle Shadows - Beadwrangler
Easter Basket - Beadwrangler
Easy Beaded Mendella - craftbits
Fall Colors Necklace - Projects by Patrice
Fiber Drum Necklace - Beadwrangler
Flowers from the Snowdrops necklace - Maria's virtual home
From Idea to Necklace - Projects by Patrice
Fruit Bead Necklace -Projects by Patrice
Furnace Glass Necklaces - Projects by Patrice
Furnace Glass Choker -  Projects by Patrice
Garnet and Pearl Necklace - Projects by Patrice
Gemstone Chip Necklace - Beadwrangler
Hand Knotted Rosary Beads - Projects by Patrice
Hematite Cross Necklace - michaels
Horace's Lakota Chain - bead on the beach
How to bead a necklace - make it  yourself
Illusion Float Necklace - bead shop
India Glass Bead Necklaces - Projects by Patrice
Irish Tendrils - Beadwrangler
JoAnn's Wheel Variation - Rubys beadwork
Karmen Necklace - Maria's virtual home
Loop Bead Necklace - craftbits
Lydia's Leaves - beadwrangler
Mariaís Heart - howling rabbit
Midnight Reflections Beaded Necklace - Etcetera
Miracle Beads and Hematine Choker - Etcetera -
Multi Swirl Necklace with Spacers - michaels
Necklace - beadtown
Necklace Design -FREE Bead Stringing Projects by Patrice
Necklaces and Instructions - Donnas Dreams -
Nepal Chain - howling rabbit
Netted Necklace - Rubys beadwork
Nifty Necklaces for kids -Excelligence Learning Corporation
Oglala Butterfly Technique - Aurora Originals -
Opal Chain Necklace - Projects by Patrice
Open Daisy Chain -Beadwork - Suite 101
Pearl and Tiger-eye Necklace - Projects by Patrice
Pecos Pearl Ropes - beadwrangler
Patriotic Necklace & Earring Set - bead town
Picot Delight Necklace - Robyn's bead page
Picture Beads - free Rosary Program that you can view and download right now - a Picture for every Bead of the Rosary
Princess Necklace - Robyn's bead page
Pumpkin Necklace -
Red Large Beaded Necklace - Michaels
Ribbon Bead Necklace - Projects by Patrice
Rosary Necklace - craftbits
Rosetta Necklace - Robyn's bead page
Rose Bead and Pearl Necklace - Micheals
Rose Pink Necklace and Earrings - Micheals -
Ruffle Garland - beadwrangler
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