Steps in Making a flat Brick pattern by Moonchild
1.Whenever I set up to do a new pattern , I count my rows across and up the side of the pattern , so I will know exactly how many beads are used.
  For example if the patterns is 80 beads across and 100 rows high,I know I am going to need 800 beads for the pattern.
2.Thread the needle, making as small a knot as you can.
3.Pick up the first 2 beads of the pattern.Pull the beads down to the knot and bring your needle throught the knot to form a loop.
4.Bring the needle back up through the second bead and pull the thread tight so the beads are lying flat (side by side)
5 & 6 : Pick up your next (3rd) bead and bring your needle up through your last bead (second) * You need to go through  your 3rd bead again ,it should look like # 6 when you pull your thread thight.
Repeat steps 4 to 6 untill the end of the row.
7. When you start your next row, pick up 2 beads and bring your needle through the loop between the first and second bead of your last row.
8.Bring the needle buck up through the second bead you just picked up and pull thread tight ( be carefull bot to break) when you finish your beads will lay flat and one will be over lapped.
9. Repeat steps 4 to 8 untill the end of your pattern and finishe as desired.
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