It's time to start planning for our next Community get-together!! Please visit one of our Message Boards, and put up your suggestions of what you would like to join in on!!! A get-together will only be scheduled when we have received sufficient interest, so get to posting!

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Bryan/College Station's
Community Gaming Club
Welcomes you!!

Welcome!!! Please look around, and pardon the mess.. I was mid-huge-webpage-improvement-project when I found a job, and lost all time for website improvements!! :) someday this will be what I want it to be.. for now it is a confusing bunch of links pointing to some interesting content!! :) Enjoy, and game on!
This club is to help local people who like playing games to find people to play with... Everything from RPG's, to Poker, to Scrabble welcome here, but no 'for money' games please!

We're a Brazos County, Texas local Gaming group. We get together in person to play LOTS of fun games, Both Traditional and RPGs. If you aren't Local, We are not a club for you.. Sorry.. :( but head on over to CommunityGaming.Org! if you are a local... Welcome! When we have big get togethers, The information regarding them will be posted here.

Find links to game planning to the left of this page.

If you enjoy games, but need people to play with, Join in!!

Being available to play every weekend is unnecessary.. just check in when you get bored, and then join in on the fun!

However, if you are often available for gaming, you may wish to join our Mailing list, in addition to the club.. information on that is further down on this same page..

Either route you choose, Welcome, and I hope this club will be fun and useful to all!

My husband and I have a very wide range of gaming interests.. that's one reason I founded this club.. so you may not be interested in every game you see discussed, but hopefully we'll have enough going on you like to keep you interested!!

Once we get enough club members, I hope that the other members will start initiating their own gaming sessions as well, so that members can pick and choose events they want to go to, and will have something they want to play every weekend!!
I encourage people to meet in public areas, such as the gaming rooms at the MSC, or in coffee-houses only, until they have met the people they'll be gaming with.. care must be taken when meeting people over the internet, unfortunately!!

After you're comfortable with the people you'll be meeting, Some of our closed session games are run from members' homes, and we may occaisionally have a member issue an open gaming invitation to their home as well.. just use your best judgement about which to attend.- Home addresses and phone #'s, if posted, will be in either the BCS Gamers Private Message Forum, or in member specific private areas.

That's all, folks... Have Fun!! And invite Like-minded individuals!!

If you'd like to be E-mailed 1 to 3 days before any confirmed gaming event, join our mailing list! Wherever possible, all events within a 3 day timespan will be combined into 1 e-mail... When there is only closed session games, E-mails will not be sent.. so don't worry if you do not receive one every week... Just post your own open game so members can be informed of yours!!
For now, to join the list, or to unsubscribe, please E-mail, And put BCS GAMERS LIST on your subject line, Thanks!!
Some Clay-O-Rama Fun Photos Below, from our last Community Game Night.

Its time to start planning for our next Community get-together!! Please visit our Message Board, and put up your suggestions of what you would like to join in on!!!

A little info about


Where Adults go to play with Clay...


Clay-Fun for all ages!!

Clay-O-Rama is a game that originated in
Dragon Magazine ... Clay-O-Rama by David Zeb Cook, issue 125, and Clay-O-Rama, Claydonia Conquers the World! by Paul C. Easton issue 144.
Since then, it has been played by people all over the world, many with their own variations of the rules.

Every time we've held a local Clay-O-Rama game, It's been a real hit!!

I'm including a link to the 'official' rules as well as the Ultra important locally played version.. Clay-O-Rama, BCS Gaming Club/ U.S.S. Intangible Rules. :) The rules are very similar, but we've taken out some of the less fun rulings, added a few new ones, and hopefully made it a more enjoyable, more easily played game.

For the fun of it, I'm also including other rule variations I've sought out... Perhaps some of the quirks from the other revamped rules will make their way into the Local set.. :)

B/CS Gamers Clay-O-Rama :Local House Rules
Official Clay-O-Rama Rules
Louis and Clarks House Rules
Helm's Clay-O-Rama

GM says DIE!!

"Ut Oh, He's dead?"

"The Hand of Gawd.."

"Witness... The Stomp"

"Oooww.. He got him GOOD!!"


Live action.. The USS Intangible's summit '99

Live action.. The USS Intangible's summit '99

Here are some more Photos I've just added... They are in no particular order as of yet, but I hope you enjoy!! :)

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