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Welcome fellow Rover Fan, Welcome to my new improved page!

The entire page has been redone so it looks a little more uniform! heh, it was getting a tad out of angle there! lol

Our Beloved "Road Rovers" TV show has been taken off the air, a while back, but we can still support this action by fan support and webpages to hopefully create a possibility to bring this kew show back on the air!  Are ya with me!? :)


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May 8th, 2003
Heya there,
Still- If there is anything I should add/correct/change to this page, please
email me your comments and suggestions...pleez!?

Enjoy the Page!
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Voices of the Rovers - The real filmography's of the Voices of the Road Rovers

Episode Guide - Detailed Summaries and info on all 13 RR Episodes

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My new friend and Companion, Rex!  I'd like to introduce my newest addition, Rex, he's an AKC purebred German Shepherd Dog born December of 2002.  This shot was taken early May.  He's a sweetie, a very fast learner and very loyal.  I get alot of compliments from people how pretty and handsome this dog is.  When I was younger, I always wanted a dog, and now i FINALLY got one, I recently moved to my own house so Im not in an apartment anymore woohooo.  Sorry I haven't updated this site, but I think that the Road Rover fandom and everyone in it will live in memory, heck I sure will always remember this, I remain online to this day so this site will stay locked to this current state for now- I can be emailed anytime you want at eddiemcdowd@yahoo.com...........Drop me a line, I love seeing old, new and great people out there devoted  to this ..........See yall later!
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