We've all observed bad parenting. I think it's maybe it's more common than it was a generation ago. Maybe not. There are sure a lot of screwed up people in my generation, which means there must have been plenty bad parents out there to produce them. Maybe it's always been a problem. One thing for sure - it gets under my skin. I've come to realize that while I do not hate children, I do dislike plenty of the people who let them run around like monkeys on crack. I know that it is possible to be a good parent, because I know of people who do a damn good job.

    I try not to hate anyone, but it irks me when people can't be bothered to watch their kids. This message is for every parent who can't be bothered to look after and properly raise their children: what you're doing is an absolute crime! There are people who can't have children who would commit their lives to raising happy, healthy offspring. It's damn unfair that incompetent, uncaring folk who can't be dragged out of their self-indulgent fog can have dozens. I hope you all wake up before something tragic happens to your children, or they grow up to hate you for being so damn uninvolved.

    This is my space, and your space, to gripe about it. Knock yourself out. It will make you feel better. It sure makes me feel better.

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