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Updated 17th February 2007

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Roger Waters Returns to re-unite with his Indian Fans on 18th Feb'2007!!

Here then are the details and "Live links" for the Roger Waters in Mumbai -Royal Challenge & DNA networks Live Concert 18th feb 2007,INDIA.Roger Waters' Dark Side of the Moon in India concert tour will be performed
live at the MMRDA Grounds in Mumbai on Sunday, February 18th 2007;
from 20:00hrs IST(the gates will open at 8:00 pm IST).

To get full details please visit Brain-Damage site where you'll find full info mainly contributed by Me, Amit Saigal and others.Go Here to read the report.

Book Online tickets :BigTree/Movietell.Co.In site.

Syd Barrett R.i.P.

The service was held at Cambridge Crematorium yesterday (Monday, 17 July),
with around a dozen members of his family joining his closest friends.
Three poignant wreaths were laid in his memory.
When the band played at the Live8 super-gig in London last year
Syd's sister Rosemary Breen, who is also from Cambridge,
told the News his life as a pop star was long gone.
She said: "That was another life for him, another world in another time."
Following his death, the great and the good of the music industry lined up
to pay tribute to his musical genius, but some of the most poignant memories
of the young man who changed the face of modern music were from those
who knew him as a youngster in Cambridge.
Alison Barraclough, a classmate at Morley Memorial School, said:
"He used to say I was his girlfriend. I never actually told him he was my
boyfriend.But we were always together."There was always something special
about Roger even then. It was his amazing imagination really.
"Even as a little boy he was quite extraordinary, absolutely beautiful.
All the girls loved him but he always had a special sparkle...


Shine On You Crazy Diamond...1946-2006

Watch Pink Floyd full concert at Live 8 !!

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Roger Waters Paints Graffiti In Israel!!

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