Well I have lost more weight, last week I was 140kg on the hospital scales.
Its been busy, with PC trouble which is now fixed and some Family Issues.
I got a letter from the hospital about waiting list time, I rang then up to
make sure and I am cat 2 for a Septoplasty Operation for my Deviated Septum.
I reminded them that I will need a ICU bed because of my sleep apna and my,
history with operations. I am not sure but the sooner the better if it can
help my headahces and blocked nose.

I am not seeing a Psychiatrist who has interest in brain injuries and I was
very impressed with my first visit, I have already started the blood tests
and there is going to be lot more. I will be very happy if we can work out
the noise sensitivety problems and headaches. These ones are like an electric
shook usually down my right temple.
He has started my on Epiliam 100 mg so start with, he hopes this will stablise
the electric type currents that are causeing the headaches and
we will see if the noise sentsitive setles down.

ENT area of the hospital, I have a number of tests for my diabetes, eyes,
thyriod replacement level and goat.
I will add to this when I have new infomation, thank you for reading the update.

This operation has not happened yet but with my friend in hospital I am not
pushing for the operation because we have nobody to look after the dogs.
My Psychiatrist has made some ground and after a blood test for how much of
the anti-depressent is in my system after 12 hours he has doubled the dose.
I am waiting for new blood test results soon, the epilim has been a great help
and I have been managing noise much better now.

I will be seeing a neuropsyhological for the first time next week and even
after all these years post injury maybe they can help me with some issues.

My diabetes is cloce to under control with a 3 month average of 6.1 (4 to 6 is normal here)
My machine has 7 days @ 6.3, 14days @ 6.5, 30 days @ 6.3.

My reference to social isolation is a direction pointing at past friends and
family, because I don't get visitors and 99% of the time I seem to only be
thought of when they need me for help.
Because of my friends stay in hospital the STEPS program locally has had
to wait because he is the one trained in starting the local group.

It is so sad that when you tell others you have a disability like TBI/ABI
it soon changes things and the friendship is soon over or ever vacent
of visits.
Just think if everybody had a disability, what would they do then?
And I just happen to have a injury to my brain.


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