Because of living in denial for so many years, I am having to learn how to
think differently for myself. How the doctors can help with strategies
for me so I can copy better with noise and all the other things I have
to deal with.

In "update 2" I quoted some sections from the book, but now dealing with something
others can't see does make it hard. But some medical things have came into
my life, I have Gout and type 2 Diabetes, I had my thyroid removed in 2006.
Remembering all the oiles to take at different times keeps me on my toes
One hour before I eat breakfast in the morning they start.
Plus test my blood before I eat and some after eating.

For some reason my weight increased, I stopped smoking in 2005 and
I think the thyriod helped increase my weight to 156 kg, I have started
a diabetic diat and riding my spin bike and some other work out stuff
I have got to 146.3 kg to that is good.

I have always been a bigger guy then average and I use to work out also
I don't have my bench or weight here they are at the other house.
At 6 foot 1 in, somewhere between 110 and 120kg will be fine.

I have been worried for a long time now because I get headaches and maybe
one day they will cause something more. I have to except what ever happens
and just hope I have somebody around that can help me.

Seems this is where I can place my problems, like the noise from next door
I can't get over how ignotant and selfish others can be. For two days we
have called the Police three times and the noise continues either from
their oversized noisy exhaust in the car, huge sub-woofer loud speaker
in the boot, or a radio station on a home system at full volume.


I have explained I have TBI and they Just Don't Care, I will continue
to call the Police or Polutitions if I have to, This trouble affect a
persons standard of living and ..............


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