Well in April 2007 I am finally getting to see a Psychiatrist who knows about TBI
it was 28 years ago just after my injury and I saw one that had no idea and they
basically told me to live in denial as that was the answer then, when they had no
real idea what to do or the effects. I hope some positive help will come from this.

"While the reaction of denial can protect the person in the short-term,
the use of denial as a long-term strategy can preveny individuals from
learning how to cope with the effects of their injury, settting realistic
goals and making neccessary changes to their lifestyle."

I think this is just one of my problems because I never received correct rehabilitation
at the time and I just do not have any strateges to help myself. I have had a terriable time
because for your I kept it in, sometimes blaming others and sometimes myself but I had no
answer to why these things where happening to me.

"A very commen statement made by people with acquired brain injury is
you find out who your real friends are, after the injury.
Some friends may not be able to cope with the emotional, behavioural or personality changes.
Unfortunately, friends can disappear at the time when the person most needs the support."

For 28 years its been like a constant roundabout of friendship the lack of understanding
Sure it may of been from my behaviour problems but the affects of TBI where never explained
treated or understood. In fact my family still live in denial and they think I have recovered
as if nothing happened, but they have never read any information or have they been educatied
about the long-term effect of ABI.

A Local Support Group, it will not be going for a few months before it gets off the ground
but I am relly hoping it helps to make some things better.
Meeting others with simular stories and if we can help each other
and enjoy the company of others again and like wise
in return for others. Its been a long time since I went 10 pin bowling,
the movies, picnic or anything so we have to wait and see.

I would like to thank (Surviving Acquired Brain Injury) book published by BIAQ
Quoted Sections.


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