Before my Injury I raced scale slot cars as a hobby. (see photos below)
For those who do not know, some do race for money at the big races.
In Europe and USA they have even given away New Motor Cars as Prizes
I was told I was pretty good and I though it was the hobby for life.

If you have read my store you will know I lived in denial for many years.
So this was no different and I made a come back and after a catch up
on new class's of cars raced I won races again, over 300 victors in local
racing. But not getting feedback for the lack of friends they soon started
to drop off because of the affects of my brain injury.

In recent years when I found out about my TBI was permanent I was to easy
with who I told, and the lack of understanding again blow away any friends
I had made post injury, all gone again.

I can't blame this hobby or how it seems to happen to everybody
who Survives TBI. The negative attitude towards BRAIN INJURY SURVIVORS is
atrocious and this REALLY does need to change.

Better education and more understanding of the invisible disability
would be one good start.

After playing computer games I have realize, If I get distracted
I can made an error. My concentration is not as good as it use to be
I have started to work on this and maybe if I feel I can handle
Racing Slot Cars again I will make yet another come back.
And if their RED-NECK attides grow up a bit to.

Slot Car Racing as a hobby will always be for fun for me,
I think the stress of racing at big events, hours of no sleep,
poor eating because of event start times and the hours it take
plus transport, money, enthusiasm and most of all FRIENDSHIPS.
All these things has been affecting my continuing to go to a track
I don't expect anybody to make a track 100% suitable for me but the
Noise from background music, people smoking, poor seating or the lack off>
I guess the best track would be my own at home if I could, Loto and a
lot of dreaming to win something one day to have my own track at home
and have a quite location.

New interest have been computers, games and web pages, my spin bike
Buying on E-Bay of Music Cd's plus Swimming if possible and maybe Local ABI support group if we can get it going.

Getting my life around things will take some time, I hope one day
I will enjoy a Hobbie again and maybe even have a friend also.

These are some photo's of scale slot car tracks simuler to the ones
I was racing on.

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