Logan City has some of the best nuisance noise laws in the state, but is it enough.
I search the subject "nuisance noise" and "residential noise" in Queensland and
there was so much variation between the limits of noise it was depression.
But the Logan City Council and the Queensland Police have a very clear stand
on the subject in Logan City but a lot of people are not aware there is no
time limit for inconsiderate nuisance noise from amplified speaker, sub-woofers
or exhaust mufflers that all make unwanted nuisance noise.

Logan City Council Residential Noise Web Page

Noise made by others that affects the living standard of people is not needed;
Modern life is stressful enough without causing problems like this.
If you want to make yourself deaf or have hearing impairments in a few years
start saving, decent hearing aids are not cheap and they can cost quite a bit.
Sure young people think it will never happen to them, but when you include
figures from Road Accidents, Acquired Brain Injury's from assaults, a fall,
sporting accidents, stroke, birth defects and many more medical reasons that
can cause hearing impairments to you or one of your family your friends or
partner, You may start to think differently about this subject.
These laws should be enforced at random or by rangers that move around the
neighood, or police as they move around the suburbs. But education to the
public with postal mail out about the current nuisance noise laws would be
a good start to improve daily living in Logan. Call the Police and report
them cars do not need to drive around making noise in the range of 140 decibels
thumping out of their boot that shakes windows on houses and hospitals.
These devices should have warning placed on them when they are sold.
he same with home entertainment systems, learning respect for others and
noise limits should be included in the operation manual.
We have people who work shift work or rest in bed on weekends as well as the
aged who have retired and disabled persons who included people with hearing
problems plus behavior impairments that these noises have negative effects on.
Please start thinking of others and not just yourself!

Exhaust muffles shown in these photos,
are they really that necessary on a new cars?

We do have emotion standards and we do have Noise Laws!

The Car exhaust is another issue of unwanted excessive noise,
why on earth would people want to make their brand new car is noisy?

You see so many with their windows up and the air-cinditioning on, they probably
can't hear their own noise inside the car! So why should everybody else have to put up with it?

Traffic has increased and the number of cars with noisy exhaust has become a new fad
with examples up to 152 mm or 6" outlet pipe, they are called noise cannons and
unwanted noise is what they do.

Queensland has a very nice to the public rules on consumer cars, once they are
registered they trust you will do the right thing and maintain the vehicle and
keep within the laws and keep it quite. These noise cannons abuse this trust
and will before to long force the government to make yearly inspections for all
vehicles likes they have in other states in Australia.

We drive road cars, not racing cars.

Also when warming up a car with a noisy exhaust system this wakes others up
Again when you warn up you noise car and raw down the road when others are trying
to sleep start thinking of others and your selfish actions.
Very good you have made your standard sound like a racing car.
Why do you drive down the road with you windows up, air conditioning on?
To avoid hearing that dreadful sound like others have to put up with!
Again these behaviors impacts on others and the aged and impaired are the move
affected by this and so many don't know how to complain or will not and they
just put up with it day after day. Maybe the maximum fine of $15,000.00
looks like one good reason to start thinking of others?


"survivors of traumatic brain injury"
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If you have Trouble with Nuisance Noise

don't put up with this anymore

call the POLICE!

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