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Hello my name is Perry and I have a Traumatic Brain Injury, or TBI for short.

Like many others, I never thought it would happen to me but it did.
I lived in denial for many years because that is how they treated
survivors in 1979, here in Australia.

After a number of years the problems I had where all explained after
new MRI and CT Scan of my brain alerted my new Doctors that my I had Brain injury
was the base for my cognitive behavior, fatigue, depression and
sensory perceptual of myself among others and sound sensitivity.

Over coming ignorance and poor understanding has been a major struggle for me
Since then, I am amazed by the poor understanding and how I have become
Social isolated. Loneliness happened before I realized there was a problem
but I have stopped running after after others because they know where I am if they want to be friends?

I am just a person with a brain injury, people who use to call me their friend
know where I am if they want to be my friend.

I have discovered Traumatic Brain Injury (Dementia) is a term
used for the affects of a TBI that causes the lose of your social circle you had pre injury
Untreated can cause isolation, I had experienced but this is treatable
Brain Injury Survivor are 4.5 times more likely to developer Alzheimer"s in later years.

Finding people who understand me has become a major challange.
To replace what I had from work and social circles is impossible
Maybe I had my chances years ago but didn't hold on to it because of my symptoms
that I couldn't see then.

All I can do now is exercise brain with knowledge from reading and computers
Good healthy eating and exercises plus sharing your time with loving pets.
are all good that can be done.

Sadly on January 22nd I lost my Bigger Little Friends, Alfhie.
His photos will stay on my web sites but his memory will never fade, he was so special to me.

Please understand & compensate if there is miss spelling or errors on any of my web site, thank you.

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