Hi and welcome.

This "web site" was meant to be a fun and personal project for all involved. It was a kind of preliminary brainstorming and exploration into building a paranormal site, laying the most basic conceptual groundwork. As such, the intention was never for it to be a real web site, but just a fun personal thing for us. We wouldn't have used a free hosting service like Geocities and we would've made it more "professional looking" if it was meant to be a real one.

It was always the intention for there to be a real site with its own domain, hosting, better design and navigation, etc. We plan on doing that still and everything willing, we will do so. Unfortunately, many things have come up that prevented this, so we can't wager a guess as to when that may be.

Perhaps needless to say, nothing but this message has been updated in a good while and it's highly likely nothing else ever will be updated.

Thanks for stopping by.

Last updated: June, 2008 1
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