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The fact that this web site is oriented around controversial and, for the most part, unexplainable or things that have not been able to be fully or satisfactorily explained, it would seem to naturally follow that this type of material, as a whole, raises more questions than gives answers. The questions that arise are those that could be fundamental to each person's existence including the whys, hows, whats and all the other questions that, if true, strange and unexplainable events, experiences, things, etc. could help to shed light on. The questions may not have answers. They may have answers that are more wild (yet truthful) than we could ever imagine or the answers may be relatively simple or more simpler and less extraordinary than we might have imagined. Perhaps, even, in time, science will be able to explain all or most of this stuff or perhaps there will be, at least, a time when things of this nature are studied without worrying about tradition and (near religious) adherence to accepted theories.
On this page, we wish to show you some things that are real, to our knowledge, yet are still anomalous and unexplained. Some will probably be things you just never heard of before or imagined was true, but may not seem that paranormal. The things on this page are varied in their respective classifications. Like most of the things on the paranormal page, they are not limited to any one type of phenomena. The things on this page include things that can be studied, like the Star Child skull, the handprint in cell 17, and the Coral Castle, and/or things that have been researched extensively, and/or things with scientific analysis or are in relation to science.

Most likely, unless you research any of this type of stuff, you will not have heard of most of the things on this page before. This page exists to show you that things do exist that seem paranormal. As we've stated, to the best of our knowledge, the things on this page are real and/or true (factual), but we can not make any personal claims as to such. The things on this page are presented for you to learn about and perhaps to show you something that you were not aware of before. Even if you don't take them seriously, hopefully, you will find them interesting or entertaining. If you wish to express an opinion, no matter what it is, please  
interact   and let us know. Also, if you have something that you may wish to add, please tell us of that as well.

All information or any reproduction of information will have come from the web site listed and those involved in the web site. We do not mean to plagiarize, break any copyright laws or infringe on any rights. If we do, please contact me.

scientists' transcendent
("spiritual," "mystical," "psychic") experiences

web site: The Archive of Scientists' Transcendent Experiences (TASTE)

from the TASTE site: 
"The TASTE project is an attempt to work toward rectifying this strange, scientistic situation where too many people are forced to deny or repress parts of their own human experience. These Archives are an online journal performing the essential scientific function of full and honest communication of data in this badly neglected area." (taken from "
Introduction to TASTE" - /main/introduction.shtml)

"It (the web site) lets scientists express these experiences in a safe space, collects and shares them to debunk the stereotype that "real" scientists don't have "spiritual" or "mystical" or "psychic" experiences, builds a database of these experiences for future research, and helps us understand the full range of the human mind." (taken from the main page -

click on the web site link above to learn more about this web site and to read many experiences and stories of scientists' transcendent experiences.

non-mainstream science research in
mainstream academic institutions

The Center for Consciousness Studies at the University of Arizona (Tucson, Arizona)
promotes open, rigorous discussion of all phenomena related to conscious experience

The Center for Frontier Sciences (CFS) at Temple University (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
" . . . dedicated to the open and unbiased examination of any theories, hypotheses, or model that challenge prevailing scientific views using sound scientific methods and reasoning. it does not promote or endorse particular positions, but encourages critical review and healthy skepticism . . ." (taken from "Mission Statement" - /MissionStatement.html)

John F Kennedy University Graduate School for Holistic Studies (Orinda & Campbell, California)
look further into their degree programs to see a wider selection, for example, Consciousness Studies - /cs-ma.html

Koestler Parapsychology Lab at the University of Edinburgh (Lothian, Scotland, United Kingdom)
"our aim is to conduct systematic and responsible research into the capacity attributed to some individuals to interact with their environment by means other than the recognised sensorimotor channels"

Pennsylvania State University Paranormal Research Society (Pennsylvania, United States)
". . . it has a university budget, and millions of dollars of funds to tap in to for research."

Perrott-Warrick Research Unit at the University of Hertfordshire (Hatfield, England, United Kingdom)

Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) (Princeton, New Jersey)
scientific study of consciousness-related physical phenomena

Rhine Research Center (Institute for Parapsychology) (Durham, North Carolina)
heir to the Parapsychology Laboratory at Duke University

University of Amsterdam Anomalous Cognition Group

JREF US $1,000,000.00 challenge
James Randi and his organization, the James Randi Educational Foundation "offer a one-million-dollar prize to anyone who can show, under proper observing conditions, evidence of any paranormal, supernatural, or occult power or event."

James Randi Educational Foundation Challenge

is the brain really necessary?

is the brain really necessary for human survival or, at least, a "normal" existence? well, check out the article from "Science" magazine about John Lorber, a scientist who claimed to have discovered certain adults with "virtually no brain" who had above-average IQs.  (SCIENCE. VOL. 210. 12 DECEMBER 1980)

article: Is Your Brain Really Necessary?
Roger Lewin, "Is Your Brain Really Necessary?"  Science.  Vol. 210.  December 1980, p. 1232

Paul Pietsch, "Brain Shrinks, Yet Thinks."  Science Digest.  Vol. 91 No. 10.  October 1983

article: Is Your Brain Really Necessary?
from the web site of Richard Milton: Alternative Science  -; a controversial writer, broadcaster and journalist

article: You Can Get Along Fine With No Brain
from Whitley Strieber's Unknown Country

Mexican military (Air Force) records UFOs on tape and radar (w/ eyewitness pilot testimony)
**by mentioning this, this site is not endorsing one specific idea regarding the nature of these things, whether they are alien / extra-terrestrial in origin or are some kind of light phenomena or something else**

In March of 2004, the Mexican military had an encounter with some unidentified flying objects. Air Force pilots caught '11 bright, rapidly moving objects in the skies' over southern Campeche state. "The tape was filmed March 5 by air force pilots using a video camera equipped with an infrared lens."

web site: Disclosure Project - Noteworthy News
scroll down until you find "Mexican Air Force Jets Encounter UFOs - Media Reports: (May 2004)"

web site: UFO Evidence -  Mexican Air Force Pilots Film UFO's

web site: UFO Casebook - UFOs in the News
browse around and look for things related to 'Mexico UFOs', 'Mexican military', etc.

web site: Jeff Rense show - Mexico UFOs 2004

to read skeptical analyses:
article: The Campeche, Mexico 'Infrared UFO' Video
article: The Mexican Air Force UFO Affair: Aliens, Ball Lightning, or Flares?

the handprint in cell 17

a handprint, supposedly left by Alexander Campbell who was (as he claims) falsely accused of murder, remains in cell 17 and has never been successfully removed from the wall despite attempts to do so by bieng washed, dug out, plastered over, painted over or by completely destroying that wall and building a new one. the building is the Old Jail Museum in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania (PA) (used to be Mauch Chunk and East Mauch Chunk) in Carbon County in the Pocono Mountains.

web site: Welcome To Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania

web site: History of Carbon County
(6th paragraph down)

web site: Central PA Magazine
(9th paragraph down uner "A TALE OF TWO TOWNS")

web site: Pennsylvania Real Estate Guide
(scroll down to "Old Jail Museum and Heritage Center" under "Historic Places In Northeast Pennsylvania")

article: Jim Thorpe
(Old Jail Museum)

Coral Castle (Rock Gate Park)

oral Castle is located in Homestead, Florida (FL). this "monument to unrequited love" contains many blocks of coral, many of which weigh over 5 tons. the whole "castle," as far as is known, was built by one man, Ed Leedskalnin, in a time period of around 20 years, who weighed about 100 pounds and was just a little over 5 feet in height.

the entrance is a gate made from a single coral block which weighs 9 tons. this huge gate is approximately 80 inches wide, 92 inches tall, and 21 inches thick. it fits within a quarter of an inch of the walls on either side and pivots through an iron rod resting on an automobile gear. the enormous block balances so perfectly on its center of gravity that a visitor can easily push it open with one finger. another gate, a triangle, at the opposite wall, weighs three tons.

web site:

web site: Florida Official Vacation Guide - Coral Castle

web site: - Coral Castle

web site: Roadside America - Coral Castle

the Star Child skull
**by mentioning this, this site is not necessarily endorsing any of the ideas that following people and/or web sites are proposing, mainly that of it having any alien / extra-terrestrial origin**


this skull is interesting in and of itself. It would, if the data collected is accepted to be real, evidence of a non-human, yet humanoid biological being.
further it could, more speculatively, show succesful reproduction between a human and a non-human,
yet humanoid being which resulted in a hybrid offspring of the two.

what is anomalous and hence, paranormal (unexplained) about this is that:

           it seems not to be fully human, yet it obviously shares many traits enough with humans for us to know that it is, at least, partly human          

  the data and information thus far suggests:

>>>  the traits which make this thing anomalous could not have come from:
        a genetic defect (inherited), a congenital deformation (birth defect), inflicted deformity (cranial binding)

the web site is filled with data pertaining to this skull and another (human female) found along side it.  to learn more, click the web site link above.

web site: The Star Child Project Data Site

web site: Starchild-UK

also visit:
Lloyd Pye's web site

i first heard of this skull from
Newschannel 12 - Jackson, Mississippi -
               (scroll till you find the "Starchild Mystery")

declassified official government &
military documents

there are various web sites which have collected declassified government and military documents. many of which, among other things, are of UFOs, alternative technologies (of numerous various kinds), psych ops, weapons, remote viewing, mind control. the sites with the documents have obtained them with the Freedom of Information Act. These sites contain actual official declassified documents of governments and military organizations.


web site: Above Top Secret
(use navigation to find and read documents - they are spread around)

web site: Aliens the Truth
(click on
Government Documents)

web site: The Black Vault FOIA Document Archive w/ over 110,000 pages
(a free account is required)

web site: Dossier Documents Library (from ParaScope)

web site: FBI - FOIA Unusual Phenomena Listing

web site: Majestic Documents
(there is much controversy over these documents as being real or forgeries)

web site: The Why Files
(has many topics and various documents involved in specific incidents throughout the site)

other nations

web site: Ministry of Defense (United Kingdom)
(best bet is to type in keywords in the search field)

US Air Force to spend $7.5 million US
on 'psychic teleportation'

added Nov. 7, 2004

news article: Air Force report calls for $7.5M to study psychic teleportation

news article: U.S. Air Force Takes a Look at Teleportation

more to come . . .

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