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**I, me, my or any other reference to a person involved with this site is in regards to not just a specific individual, but any party(ies) involved with this site.**

The information presented within this site is not meant to be presented as truth, just as information. Information (hopefully) of value is being presented. However, in all cases, information presented in any format is flavored with the personal world-view of the author, and this site is surely no exception. So, please keep that in mind.

Every attempt has been made to make the material on this site, AN UNLIKE WORLD, as accurate as possible. Direct sources are not usually used for specific information or material, though. There are many links to other internet sites and these places, among other sources, are where much of the information has come from. All information or any reproduction of information, etc. will have come from varying sources and if a citation or references is needed, a cite and/or link will be present. Plagiarizing, breaking any copyright laws or infringing on any rights is what is trying to be avoided. Effort is being made to avoid being irresponsible, but something that may be of value to someone else could have been missed. If it was, please

Even though the information is as accurate as can be, this site has not been made to be worthy of being a primary source. If you are looking for information with which to use for some sort of paper, etc., you should not rely on this site alone. There are a lot of links with which could be used as sources and have much more information. It should also be mentioned, which is no less important, do as much research as you can. Do not just use this site and consider it to be definitive. Check everything that has been put on here if it something that is important to you for whatever reason.

This web site, AN UNLIKE WORLD, was created, primarily, for an outlet for organized information and sources of info. The material is presented in a way that will hopefully be easy for people to learn. Hopefully it can help to create a more informed world, if only a little. Otherwise, it would be great to be seen as an interesting website.

Material on this site could be seen as not suitable for children. That said, the material that would be unsuitable would be things that may seem scary and frightening as this site covers that type of material. Though any horror or scary things is not glorified, it can still be frightening.

As long as one has an open mind, than by conventional standards in the USA, very little would be considered obsene or inappropriate for a young child to see. However, it was not designed specifically with children in mind and may not be all that interesting to them. Further, it's necessary to use your own parental discretion to allow a minor to view material on this site and to allow a minor to visit other websites or webrings listed here. Sites listed that have objectionable or unsuitable content or images will be clearly labeled.

The pages are best seen in a screen setting of 1024 X 768. This site was designed for that screen size / resolution. In time, hopefully, it will be made to be more accessable for screens with at least 800 X 600.

Pages which are primarily for content are designed with dark, hopefully, unobtrusive backgrounds using light colored texts. This is to facilitate those with vision problems, especially those with color differentiating problems. Further, this design format is used in order to be simple and make the information, etc. be easily read. Texts with different purposes have been designed with different sizes. For example, any links next to regular text will almost always be a different size. Further, all external links will have a web address starting with
http:// next or below them.

The material on this site has been gathered from many, many sources. If you wish to use any of it, than feel free to but there are usually no direct references unless the material is taken directly from elsewhere. Do not copy any designs that this site uses. If you would like to know more about copyright laws, go to
What Is Copyright Protection? at

Furthermore, any graphics or images that require a link by the original owners / producers who request one will need a link to their site on your site.

This site may contain copyrighted material the use of which will not always be specifically authorized by the copyright owner. Such material has been made available to advance understanding and awareness of information and various issues. This constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. Any copyrighted material on this site is here for non-profit educational purposes only and no person affiliated with this site will benefit monitarily or by any other payment. Thus copyrighted material may be placed on this web site for educational purposes. If you wish to use copyrighted material from this site for purposes of your own that go beyond 'fair use', you must obtain permission from the copyright owner. For more information go to
Copyright Law of the United States of America at

The information contained may be taken if you wish. Information and links and other references are for any who may wish them and there will not be any attempt to prevent any viewer from taking them. However, if certain information or whatever has come from a certain source, then most likely it was necessary to cite that source. all that is asked of you is to do the same as well if you wish to use the information. Other than these few restrictions, no further limits are placed on what material may be copied / used for your own purposes.

In no way is anything on this site presented as conclusive or definitiive (in the sense of being an authority) and certainly not comprehensive.

No gaurantee will be made that any or all material is authentic, true, real, etc. In other words, any of the paranormal information can not (and will not) be validated.

No one affiliated with this site can be held responsible for any consequences or results from someone who has visited this site or gained any information from it. Also, no one can be held resonsible for lack of any information. Any use of the material on this site is left up to and at the descretion of the one who is viewing it. You, as a visitor, by virtue of visiting this site, give up any claim to hold any person affiliated with this site responsible for any reason. All responsibility is yours.

No personal claim is made, nor can any responsibiility be taken for any of the web sites that are linked to from this site. Their motivations, information, etc. are totally independant of anyone affiliated with this site and no one affiliated with this site can be held liable for anything contained therein. The links will pertain to material on this site and they will be relevant to material on the page. No person affiliated with this site necessarily endourses any externally linked pages, sites, web rings, etc. and their respective creators, ownwers, endorsers, etc. Any implication of such is automatically denied by any held responsible for this site.

If something is found that offends or is deemed innapropriate, for a lot of people, especially because this is to be appropriate / accessable for most ages,

The term "paranormal" is used to name the bulk of the material on this site. the term "paranormal" is used to describe things that are commonly related to this type of stuff. Paranormal is used to mean: that which is outside the normal range of experience or scientific explanation, which is as far as anyone is going to describe these types of things on this site. It is suggested that this is the most vague and general definition that describes these types of things accurately without theorizing futher into the nature of these things. If you would like to read definitions of terms that are related to this type of stuff, then visit the
terms and definitions page. Also there is a page that has other common conceptions of this type of stuff as well, visit the a.k.a. page.

Effort will be made to present all material in as an unbiased manner as possible. this is, surely, the best way to present such material. The best effort will be made to keep any personal ideals or incinuations out of the material that is presented unless it can help to clarify a point.

We have a strong desire to hear from anyone who wishes to add / comment / criticize / describe / disagree / elaborate / explain / question despite the reason a person may have for visiting. We very much enjoy hearing from people, especially from those who are more aware / knowledgeable than anyone here or those who disagree. If personal information is recieved, it will not be used for any other purpose other than to remain in contact. You can rest assured that all wishes will be respected.

Further, if you have something specific you would like to see on any part of this site, please
interact. Write down what page it is to be put on and what exactly it is that you want to have done and what the original source is, where you got it from (if submitting information that required a source).

In time, visitor stories / encounters / experiences would be a great thing to add. These will, hopefully, be of all kinds and only limited to real experiences.

The more that can be incorporated into this little cosmos, the better it will be and the more opportunity that others will have to learn something. 

Hopefully you will enjoy and find something useful in some way.

will be continuously updated and under heavy construction, most likely, for as long as it remains managable
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