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The things included under the heading of 'paranormal' range widely.

This site makes no claim as to any reality or unreality, nor to any factuality or counterfactuality of any of the things. We are not trying to prove anything. This site merely provides information and links and whatnot. We will; however, provide arguments for and against, though we will not provide any personal justification as to (as far as this site is concerned) condone or condemn any ideas. We wish to evaluate arguments, but not by any personal standard, by evaluating the arguments themselves based on the logic and evidence, if possible.

If you have anything to add, anything you would like to see on here, please send it. Any information you wish to submit would be
greatly appreciated. No matter what it is, no matter what you wish to express, it is most welcome. Any information submitted and any desire for personal information to be anonymous will be respected.

The listing and classification formats used are arbitrary. The formats were created in order to give a way to categorize and present. The listing of one thing 'under' another only means that there is a connection somehow. Also, please do not limit the possible connections to be made only to those that are in the same grouping. Above all, do not take the formating in any way other than this.

Also, for further connections between concepts, for example, dreaming and psychic abilities, please visit both of them. There is always a more detailed list and related concepts and further information under the linked headings.

Neither of these lists are, by any means, considered comprehensive.

Please do not infer, by being lumped into one giant heading of 'paranormal', that all or any of these need the same type of evidence or value judgement for their realness. Furthermore, do not assume that, because you believe one thing to be false, that all are or that one is true, then all are.
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