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2012: Dire Gnosis - A Data-base on the Year 2012  


Alien Observer - UFO photos, Area 51, Roswell and more!      
Award winning UFO site with photographs, Roswell, Area 51, crop circles, abductions, conspiracy theories and more.

AnomalyCommunity - Community thru Anomaly  

Area51 Central  

Aware Foundation: Paranormal Research  

The Black Vault  
The Largest Online Military and Government Research Center...

BUFO Paranormal and UFO Radio  

Ghost Island        &
Spooky true stories and pictures from Ghost Island, the world's most haunted island.

Global Implications of the UFO Reality  by David E. Twichell  


KC's Naughty Playground - Paranormal Awe  
site (but not this page) contains images and/or topics unsuitable for minors

Mystic Familiar - Free Psychic, Spiritual and Paranormal Chat Rooms  

Nostradamus - Time Travel and Prophecies  
Looks at the possibility that the prophecies of Nostradamus are the result of a future time travel experiment. Special focus on whether time travel and sending messages to the past could be part of the same science and its consequences.

National Paranormal Research & Investigation (NPRI)  

The Paranormal Palace    

Paranormal News  

Places of Peace and Power - The Sacred Site Pilgrimage of Martin Gray  

Post Fortean Meta-Complexity  

Spiritual Playground    &
Share dreams, paranormal experiences, stories, philosophy, UFO's, meditation, astral projection, remote viewing, conspiracy theories, secret society symbolism, etc.

Supernatural Happenings  

The Supernatural World  

Surfing the Tao  
Surfing the Tao investigates the paranormal against the backdrop of the wisdom of our most ancient and revered sages.

Truth Seeker TV  
Truth Seeker TV: hosted by Jimi Petulla, this is an all new Reality Show that dares to go where other shows fear to tread.

UFO Casebook - Casefiles, Multimedia, Video Club & much more!  

The UFO-Jesus Connection  by David E. Twichell  

Illustrated articles about UFOs, ufology, parapsychology, paranormal, supernatural, plus gallery, awards, downloads and games.

Unexplained Mysteries  

Weird Events  
Site links for horoscopes and astrology. Weird stories of paranormal ghosts and spirits, urban legends and strange extraterrestrial aliens and UFOS. From parapsychology to cryptozoology we have it.

World of the Strange  

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