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Last update: 20/06/1999

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** *** 20.06.1999

A lot of news but first I need to apologize for such a delay in posting new informations here. I have been much involved in my other alien project on the web and forgot about this one. But now I am back to get you updated. Here it is:

*****ALIENS-NET community has re-opened with completely new concept becoming a new portal site exclusively dedicated to the alien movies. Now you can find hot news edited almost every day on the main page (no need to browse the pages) and search for best alien sites using system similar to yahoo or altavista.

****There is a new TOP25 real-time rating service for all alien websites. This time it is real and you can vote for one you like the most. It does not depend on one person only point of view so is much more credible. It would be good to spread this news around so many alien websites webmasters would sign up immediately. I have already put my site on the list and look for some fans to vote. You can do it now by clicking the link below.

Rate this site at the Alien TOP25

***The newly released alien movies on VHS can be purchased for as little as $9.99 in US! Some places offering the movies for such a price are: Best Buy and Wal-Mart. The regular retail price is almost $15. The Alien Legacy Box is very difficult to find at the moment. I managed to come across only widescreen version so far.

**Alien Anniversary Site is opening right now! You can find it here. Looks great so far. Some say (who have seen all what's inside) that it is even better than legendary Better check yourself.

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ALIENS-NET Banner Exchange Programme

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My comments:

# I have watched recently Aliens SE on a local TV station. I could hardly believe my eyes: all cut scenes including colony part and all sentry guns fragments. The movie seems to be quite long with them but the story.... I was amazed that TVN, polish local station, has been given rights to broadcast it even before it was offcially released on VHS. I would appreciate if anyone else who has seen Aliens SE on the tv would contact me. I want to post that news as a very interesting Fox's policy. Just imagine: all those folks taping the movie...


# Download the "Underwater Scene" of "Alien Resurrection" (2MB) from mov or avi. The same clip has been provided by ALIENS-NET to its members.

# From the same source you can download the Winona Ryder Interview (part one - 2.3MB, part two - 2.5 MB): mov - part 1, mov - part 2 or avi - part 1 and avi - part 2.

# There are already initial talks on Alien5 but nothing was officialy confirmed yet. It is still not clear who is going to direct a new installment - the most common rumor is that James Cameron will take it. Read more on my "right-side" column.

# "I would like to see the aliens on a planet of aliens sometime, but I know I have big competition from Sigourney herself. I know she is able to direct" - said Jean Pierre Jeunet in interview for FilmWeb. Read whole article here.

# The domain "" was registered but does not operate yet. It belongs to the German company present on the Net. Try to make a business with Fox?

# Alta Vista finds more than 630 sites related to the "Alien Resurrection" and Sigourney Weaver!

# Visit H.R. Giger web site to read about his letter submitted to the Fox - it gives very interesting background to the alien-making design development.

# I have come across the information that Sigourney Weaver ("Ripley") new discussion group was started but I can not find it in my browser. Try yourselves: alt.movies.sig-weaver.

# "Alien Resurrection" Webring is growing rapidly (66 sites at the moment) and becomes an excellent resource for those who are in favour (or not) of that movie. Among them there are several unofficial sites of Sigourney Weaver and Winona Ryder! Enter here or check the random site. If you want to add your alien site (related to alien4) click here. The another alien webring is also full of must-see sites. You can enter here.

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Recently submitted comments to "Alien Resurrection":

Oliver Brettschneider :
i've seen A4 after a screening of Alien 1-3. i've read the screenplay months before and it sucked already, but upon direct comparison i have to say that this movie has nothing to do with the ALIENS mythology AT ALL. the story is thin, the SFX suck, the newborn is a laugh, and the whole plot is full of logical mistakes. dont get me wrong - Alien3 had logical mistakes, too, but at least it had atmosphere and style, and didnt fuck up the alien life cycle. To me, this movie is unacceptable as an Alien movie.

The movie was great, but I didnt get the feeling of being chased like in the 3 previous movies. Overall it was a great movie. The only bad part is the end, the newborn was something out of Wes Craven movie or something. Too bad they didnt get Giger to design the newborn.

12/12/97, BuNNeE:
Alien : Ressurection is one of the best movies I have ever seen. Sigourney Weaver portrays the Ellen Ripley clone perfectly, a drastic change of character from the Ellen Ripley of the past films. The suspense keeps people at the edge of their seats, with superb scenes such as the underwater scene and the close-ups of the queen alien, although there wasn't much footage of her. A delightful treat.

13/12/97, Dan Oliver:
I am just reading a potential script for alien 5 called alien home. Although it is a first class read and i am enjoying every moment of it I think that it should not appear as part of the trilogy. It would make a great stamd alone film. Fox and screenwriters should have realised from the comments made about Alien 3 that what would be most popular a d therefore make most money is for a huge face off between colonial marines and aliens firstly on earth prefferably after an large scale alien infestation. And when everbody forgets about starship troopers alien 6 should take place on the bugs home world where Ripley , Call , Johner and deffinately recently ressurected Hudson and Hicks kick the ass of a Queen of Queen type bug amidst loads of hardware (both old and new)and thousands upon thousands of bugs.

13/12/97, Andrew Jenner:
On the whole, I enjoyed the movie very much the first time I saw it and even moreso on my two subsequent viewings. It is definitely the most self-parodic of the series - an interesting approach for one film but I hope it doesn't get repeated indefinitely. It is very flawed - much banal dialogue, some unwarranted logical ellipses, some weak character development (particularly the mercenaries) really, my major complaints with the film are that it consumes too much information in the first forty-five minutes, without enough time for explication or proper buildup of suspense, and it's just too damn short. Also, where the film diverged from the script it usually did so for the worse it was a decent movie but a VERY good script. The next one hould have no stagy one-liners, more character and plot development, more aliens, and a running time longer than "Independence Day."

14/12/97,Steve Lewis:
Okay I liked it. I have always had a love/hate relationship with Giger's creation. Each movie has a different feel. The first was a horror\suspense movie. The second a sci-fi shoot em' up. The third a dark depressing realisation, "we are all gonna die, no pretty plot line here", kind of a Ripley's Damnation. I think this movie brings back the spirit of the first movie. Yeah the dialog is bad and stood a little fixing up, but look at the characters. I was grossed out, and I find that a plus. The idea of an alien "newborn" that is self-aware. It was sickening, and I truly believe Giger would have been impressed, I mean look at his books. I do truly feel for him, his name should have been right before Jean Pierre's name, even if he did not lay his hands on the movie. Jean Pierre is a true visionist, and Giger as well. They can make a nightmare come to life right before your virgin eyes.

17/12/97,Elvis Waseem:
I was somewhat entertained by this forth installment, yet, I wish the producers would have brought in Giger to help design a more original looking newborn. I mean, for cryin' out loud... the newborn looked like Skeletor from Masters of the Universe. Apart from that, i thought Joss Whedon could have done a bit more in developing Call's character. I've seen the film twice already and never really followed where she came from or who programmed her. Maybe it's just me. Oh well. I was dazzled at director Jeunet's forte for visual effects, especially the one scene where we see the sun light dimming over the Auriga. The man is a visual Virtuoso. Combined with John Frizzle's exciting background score, these particular elements (visual, musical, and aesthetic) were quite delightful but it just could not keep any of the holes in the plot from lingering in the back of my mind.

17/12/97,matthew sirocinski:
I thought Alien Resurrection was a fun movie to watch but it could have been a little bit scarier and the newbornt looked fantastic as well but overall I gave it 4/5 If it could of been a little bit scarier I would of gave 5/5. Alien:4/5

18/12/97, John Fellows, homepage:
I was really looking forward to the new Alien film and just like the Star Wars Special Editions, it was a let-down. I really did no like Alien Resurrection, it was pretty crap. I agree with Andrew Jenner that the original script did show a lot of potential and could have made a very good film if handled properly. It was handled by buffoons. I just pray that 20th Century fox will go another route when making the next film. Alien films aren't meant to be funny, it's a bloody SF horror film not a Jim Carrey film. On the subject of the next film. Why not visit my site, with the Alien Home script on. You know it sense...

19/12/97, Josh Adams:
I think that the approach to this movie had to be questioned in the first could a clone be her old self? But the fact is, noone in Hollywood is going to allow a creative mind like Whedon to do his thing on the screen. So unfortunately his script isn't fulfilled. A lot of the suspense was predictable, and there is weak characters, but all in all, for what they tried to do, it's probably an 80% effort. It's unfortunate that Ripley couldn't have flashbacks in this movie, with scenes involving Dallas and Hicks, or Newt, but hey, that's ok, because Ripley herself made this movie, as she always has, and there is nothing that can take away from her character. She is the reason this works, she is the reason we go to see the movie, and as long as we don't have people obsessing over "colonial marines", we should look forward to whatever subsequent future sequels will be a welcome addition. Alien Resurrection was different, but hey, at least Ripley's still alive, in whatever form. We should at least cheer for that! (And woe to Roger Ebert for his review)

19/12/97, Stephan Reus, homepage:
Great Movie!

20/03/98, anonimous:
I really dont understand why so many people don't like AR. i saw the movie 7 times nowand im still in awe. Of course its not flawless there should have been more character developpement and more suspence than gore. Stil the storyline of implementation of genetics made it all so much fun. The newborn was absolutely...strange but thats how it should be since it was NOT an alien anymore. It was only a monster now. Like the new Ripley. But Ripley can control her alien side more than the newborn can control his human side that is now very apparent. His emotions are unbalanced. Anyway, it just seems to me that instead of just re-making Alien, a totally new branch was created, genetic manipulation, a very actual subject BTW.
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Ellen Ripley

Two centuries after death on Fiorina Fury 161 she is brought back to life via cloning process to obtain the queen that she was impregnated with. However a side-effect of the process is that her human DNA has been mixed with alien DNA, giving her a sixth sense about the creatures. Is she still a human being? Is she able to face for a fourth time a challenge of fighting aliens in a spaceship coming back to Earth?

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There are some rumors being spread over the Net that Weaver and Ryder have already signed to take part in at least one more Alien movie! "Ripley" is going to take not less than $20 million if the news are going to be confirmed. The new movie would be released before Christmas 1999 (possibly summer time) and followed by the next one (alien6) propably still before year 2001. It seems that the 6th will be the last one.

What we know for sure is that Weaver has stated that there will definitely be a fifth installment and has even dropped hints that she's ready to begin negotiations with Fox.

Another source says that very early title for the next project is: 'Alien Revelation'. The story is going to include the Earth as a one of the action places. Most propably Jean-Pierre Jeunet will not return to direct Alien5 however some sources still mention his name. Joss Whedon already submitted to the Fox a script for the fifth installment but no decisions were made yet.

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