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Briefly about CYF:

Birth Name: aka: Chow Yun Fat; Jau Yun Faat; Zhou Run Fa
Birth Date: May 18, 1955
Birthplace: Nam Nga Island, Hong Kong
Claim to Fame: He is best known by American and British cultists as a hard-boiled action hero specializing in portrayals of honorable hitmen, gangsters, thieves and trigger-happy cops
Significant Other: Wife: Jasmine Chow, business manager; met in 1984; married in 1986; born in Singapore 1959

Boarding school established by the Nationalist Party Kuomintang in Kowloon, Hong Kong

Father: Oil rigger; died in 1974
Mother: Housewife

1984: Golden Horse Award: Best Actor, Hong Kong 1941
1985: Asia Pacific Film Festival Best Actor Award, Hong Kong 1941; held in Tokyo, Japan
1986: Hong Kong Film Award: Best Actor, A Better Tomorrow
1987: Hong Kong Film Award: Best Actor, City on Fire
1989: Hong Kong Film Award: Best Actor, All About Ah Long

The Fan Mail Address:
Chow Yun-Fat
c/o William Morris Agency
151 El Camino Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Memorable Quotes:

"After I saw A Better Tomorrow, I went out and bought a long coat, and I got sunglasses, and I walked around for a week dressing like Chow Yun-Fat. And to me, that's the ULTIMATE compliment for an action hero--when you want to dress like the guy."--Quentin Tarantino, Los Angeles Times, January 3, 1993 .
"The crew would do anything for Yun-Fat, you couldn't help but get envious." - Antoine Fuqua
"A Better Tomorrow is one of the quintessential heroic bloodshed actioner..." - Bey Logan
"More than just a movie star, he's a state of mind." - Variety
"He' fantastic" - Mark Wahlberg
"Coolest man alive: I revere him." - Joss Whedon
"Hong Kong needed a new kind of hero." - John Woo - reason for casting CYF in A Better Tomorrow
"An Actor is only merchandise." - Chow Yun-Fat

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