Hello there.  I am  honored that you have come to visit my website today.  Since you are here that must also mean that you yourself were adopted or know someone who was.  It's okay to wonder "WHO you are", and "WHERE you came from".  I know I did!

The good news is that you are not alone!  It's a scary feeling, as an adoptee, to know that even if you are in a crowd of people -
you still feel alone!  Everyone you see you wonder if "HE" is your uncle, or "SHE" is your aunt.  You look at your best friend and wonder if they could actually be your sister, possibly a brother, or even a first cousin.

(One of MY biggest fears was, when I was old enough to start dating, I wondered if the guy I was dating could actually by my "brother" or "cousin".)

"So who am I?" You ask.

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"Like the calm before the storm.  You don't know what lies ahead - only what is behind you.  The only way to face the truth is to face it head on!"

"Remember, beyond the storm lies a rainbow!"
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