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Absolute Food

Hi and welcome to yet another
branch of the "Shirley Thinks" family tree.
My original website was becoming so huge
that I decided it was time to diversify.

Being a true Southern Lady,
from Pascagoula,Mississippi,
one of my main interests is food.
In my heritage, before one meal is finished,
the woman of the house is planning the next one.
We entertain with food, we sympathize with food,
we show our love with food,
we welcome new neighbors with food.
Whatever the occasion is, we include food....
especially those of us from Southern Country heritage.

So, Y'all come on in and sit down while I fetch
some "ahced tea" and cookies and we'll chew the fat
and discuss what's gonna be for supper.
I will present recipes for dishes that
my Mississippi Mama always made when
I was growing up on the Gulf Coast
as well as many I have found along life's way.

I am so honored to receive the Southern Women Southern Kitchen Award for May.
Southern Kitchen Award
Thank you so much Sweet Mama Pam
and all the other members of the
Southern Women Webring.

Here at "Absolute Food" you will find

Delectable Desserts
Fabulous Food
A Riot of Recipes
Creative Cooking
(and some good music and fun along the way).

Chosen as the
"Mommies on the Web"
Recipe Site of the Week,
Recipe Site of the Week
I am pleased and honored
to be the recipient of this award...
Thank you "Mommies" for this nice surprise.

Good Cooking Award, B&P Recipe Club

Y'all come back soon and visit me, y'hear?
You're always in for some tasty surprises and treats
at Absolute Food.

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