The Ghost of Tom Joad

The Ghost of Tom Joad

Every endless night

Every awakening day

Every misty light

Every memory's faith

I'll be waiting here

Until my blood runs dry

Until I gave up to my fears

Until I cannot see the sky

Every searcher of otherness

Every secret keeper

Will guard my own lovelessness

As if it was forever

Through every broken glass

Through lies on the sand

Through every human's eye

I'll leave my will of starting again

Through every windblown lake

Through revealing underlying harmony

Through a young heart at stake

I'll see my own passivity

Every opened dream

Every phantom horse

Every poisonous stream

Every betrayed trust

Will be dark version of myself

That tied my freedom to the ground

Through my own desillusionness

That didn't cure my wounds

If you're now lying in my bed

Or swimming in my head

It's that anymore nothing's sane

© Miss Zarashake

June 10th , 2000

For Guillaume Krin



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