The Playboy Mansion

The Playboy Mansion

I only shout when you hold my breathe

I only cry when you mask up my eyes

I'm so often floating in the air

They're all just a dark disguise

And because of the water between us

I'm only sleeping when you're not so far

It's when you smile I lift myself up

God watch us and we can't hide who we are

That's why I don't wanna die today

That's why I don't wanna go without you

Can you hear what I can say

Or don't you really have a clue

I only laugh when you're not there

I only look to where you are

I'm so often wondering why I'm there

Cause you don't seem to understand who we are

You talk by my mouth

You look through my eyes

And I can't figure out

Why we always divide

© Miss Zarashake

February 20th, 2000

For Guillaume Krin

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