4th of July
That's how I love you baby
Just when you come to me
Speaking with this sensual tone
You're this beautiful unknown
Your lips brought me to paradise
In a world that's hard to recognize
It could have been so simple
Then to come and enter your temple
I still don't know what you think of me
I wanna see your face shine so gladly
I was the sad guardian of Avallon
And you held my hand and brought me home
Guided me on my way
Or followed me instead
And then the swan moved over the lake
It was like a dream but it wasn't fake
Looked like a third sunrise on a bright morning
Looked like a white moon light on a dark evening
Everywhere I go now I feel your presence
It could seem like I'd make sense
But that's so true
Because that's how I love
(c) Miss Zarashake
January 19th, 2000
For Guillaume Krin
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