Back in the 70's Leyland started work on a 4WD prototype nicknamed the 'Quadra'. The pictures below are those of what is believed to be the first prototype built (somewhere around 1972).

The factory was also geared up for mass production of these and the first made on the production line still exists today (August 2002) and is in a private collectors possession in Perth, Australia. This vehicle was originally sent to the U.K. for evaluation and later returned to Australia. From which it ended up in the Birdwood museum and was then privately owned by a Darwin Motor Dealer before being sold to it's present owner.

I had the privilege to help drive the first prototype Quadra from Adelaide to Sydney in June 2002. The Quadra Moke sounded almost identical to a standard Moke on the trip with very little additional gearbox/diff noise (although the dual 1 1/2 S.U.'s gave it a throaty sound - and fuel economy !).  It handles slightly different over any bumps in the road above 80kph due to the rear leaf spring, especially if only one wheel hits the bump. The Moke gives a little dance, without being in any way unsettling, then carries on as usual (although I suspect that most of this is due to lack of air in the air adjustable rear shock absorbers).

Please enjoy viewing the photos below and if you know anything more on the background or whereabouts of any other 4x4 Mokes please send an e-mail message or sign the guestbook and leave a message. Thanks goes to the current and prior owners who have given permission to reproduce some of the photos.

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Front view taken at Hay N.S.W. 

Special bonnet graphic (non-factory).   

Special rear mudguard graphic (non-factory).

The very busy gearbox/front diff exit point.

Dog clutch lever mounted next to shortened handbrake. The remote gear selection box was also shifted back (not shown).

Special front sub-frame mount cross member, about twice the normal height for added ground clearance (for the body at least).

Drive shaft running down the tunnel with special bracket housing a bearing. Exhaust mounted beneath.

Rear diff with dog clutch mounted just in front.

Rear diff. 

Rear suspension unit showing the leaf spring at the top (note: no rear subframe).

Complete 4x4 diff with extra teeth on the flat face for power take off to the rear driveshaft.



Body before restoration. 

Engine before restoration.   

Engine after restoration.

Body after respray.

Inside with new upholstery and trim restored. 

Back together again.

Under the rear before exhaust fitted.


Production Quadra

View of rear subframe and dog clutch exposed. Note how it differs from the prototype above. 

Rear diff after restoration. 

Rear diff and driveshafts back in place.


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