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"This little space in the universe is for those who like Mokes, others can disregard this site and take up knitting."


Moke owners are a mixed bunch of folk (I can't help it, nor can they). Here are some Moke quotes I have heard over the years that  relate to groups of  Mokes that head into the 'Outback' of Australia.

A broken down motorist in the middle of the Simpson desert upon seeing a Moke appear, "First covered wagon I've seen in years"

As a group of Mokes arrived in a desolate location, "Sounded like an angry hord of bull ants on the march"

You really have to be there I guess, anyhow I hope the information on this site can shed some light on a problem or you can relate to some of the stories.

N.B. This sites purpose in life is to bring all things Moke to you the visitor.  The information contained in these pages has been compiled through knowledge that comes from years of car club activities and via my friends (Moke Owners).

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