Ok for all the first timers! There are rules! You have to read them first!

*1. This is the one many rule that all might not thing of and follow! =When applcation sent it IS NOT YOU BUT YOUR CHARACTOR! Also, you must, must do it in PAST TENSE!

1. A post should look like a story, not an e-mail.

=Incorrect: Hi, My name is Headmaster Ellis.

=Correct: "Hi, my name is Headmaster Ellis,"he said as he moved closer to the waterfall were the group was!

2. A post should say only what your character thinks, says, and does. Do not write for other people.

=Incorrect: "Hello," said Evan. "Leave me alone, I hate you,"said Dafidill because she was in a bad mood.

=Correct: "Helllo Dafidill,"said Evan as he looked at her. He hoped she was in a good mood.

3. All posts should remain in character. This means no references to posting, messages, online, etc... these are all words never used in the Harry Potter world.

=Incorrect: "Hello, is anyone online or AOL?," said Evans. "Respond to my post or e-mail me, ok,"he said.

=Correct: Evan walked to the Silk Hall he was very active and wanted to talk to someone. He hope soeone would like to have a converstation.

4. Don't wait for someone else to start an adventure. Go ahead and start one!

=Incorrect: "I'm bored very bored, does anyone want to do something?" asked Evan.

=Correct: Evans went to the Silk Hall it was night. He was very hungary and wanted something to eat. He was at the last step then "bam" and he fell to the floor. He knew someone knew he was done her now.

5. Posts should be written in the third person, past tense.

=Incorrect: I go outside and pick flowers and give them to Dafidill.

=Correct: Evan went outside in the Flower Paths. I picked up a flower and gave it to Dafidill.

6. No foul language or violence.

=Incorrect: Headmaster Evan shouted at Dafidill,"You @$$ why did you %#^& do that?" He picked up the #%$&*^ table and threw it threw the #^$*%* air. He pulled out his secret dager and stabbed her to death.

=Correct: Headmaster Evan glared at the D.Headmistress and tried to avoid her completely.

7. No characters or names from the Harry Potter books. At all.

=Incorrect: Draco Weasley wanted to go visit his friend Hermione Patil, but Professor McGonnagal wouldn't let him.

=Correct: Headmaster Evans walked into the Flower Paths and said,"Hi,"to the care keeper and the charms professer.

8. No special powers or magical gifts unless previously approved by the faculty.

=Incorrect: Bob telepathically told his friend Don that they should invisibly levitate to the secret island where they kept their pet dragon.

=Correct: With the light from Don's Lumos charm, Bob could see that the plant was badly injured. He used the spells Professor Evans had taught him in Herbology I to begin mending it.

9. Use spelling and grammer correctly. (please use Microsoft Word and spelling and grammer and read over you posts)

=Incorrect: He walked itno the clasrom adn said"hi." then he wkled to the silk hall and said"hi"

=Correct: Evan walked into the Charms classroom........... He left there and went to the Silk Hall, He said,"Hi" to the Herbology professser!

You must have this word in your aplaction (jinxy), to show that you have read the rules! Thanks

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