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Welcome to the Tulip Institute of Magical Crafts. This is one of the oldest schools in it's time. People from everywhere have come to attend it. Most from its home land the Holland were it was created. In threw the Silk Hall and out in to the Flower Paths. The Quid ditch player talking about their next game. They new students arrive by elephants and horses into the school. Threw it nice gold gates in the front and the vines grow along its walls. From far back it my just look like an abandon house or place but from up close it is like an ant far always moving. As students walk threw the Flower Paths picking up flowers and smelling them. The nice waterfall that feeds the flowers their water. The students might as well call it home for the eight years they will be here learning and making new friends. The school get it's name from the town it thrives in the town of Tulip, where tulips may be seen for miles and miles.
Welcome to the Tulip Institute of Magical Crafts, run by Headmaster Evan Ellis with the help of my professors and deputies. This site is for the entertainment of Harry Potter fans and magical fans. Also, it is for better grammar and spelling skills. Here people can pretend to be a magical person by apply. You can create people and interact with others to almost writing your own story. It's like Harry Potter almost; you can create plots and people like Voldemort and other people. It is mostly like Harry Potter but not directly like it people can create professors, students, and villains in the school by doning this. If you have a question e-mail me-
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