It's been much too long since this page has been updated, but will do so for those who may find their way here.

Andy unfortunately lost his last battle and right now we feel he is in the company of his friends, family and comrades-in-arms that have gone before. He is truly missed and loved by us all. We will cherish our memories of him until the time that we can see him again.

This page has been setup as a tribute for my son's grandfather, my wife's father, Iris's husband and my father-in-law. Andy was truly a nice guy, and I thought there should be a place to tell his story.

  The motto of Andy's Second World War 428 Squadron says it best,
"Usque Ad Finem - To The Very End."


What can you say? They are the nicest people you could want as in-laws. And after 50 years, are an inspiration to what marriage can and should be. Iris admits to getting a kick out of giving Andy a kiss on the cheek and seeing him fuss over whether he has any lipstick traces. You're a lucky man Mr. Yule!

As you can see, Andy (and Iris) served their country in the military. Andy was in the Royal Canadian Air Force during the Second World War and after transfered to the Royal Canadian Navy.


428 Ghost Squadron
"To The Very End"
"Y" Yokum

Andy enlisted in the RCAF in 1939 and during the war years attained the rank of Sergeant. After serving with the ground crew attached to the No. 412 'Falcon' (F) Squadron, he joined the No. 428 'Ghost' (B) Squadron, No. 6 (RCAF) Group, R.A.F. Bomber Command, and became a flight engineer on the Halifaxes, where he completed his 30 operations assignment. During this time he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Medal where "Sergeant Yule, who had been wounded in both arms and in the hip when going to the assistance of the rear gunner, displayed great courage and fortitude and insisted on fulfilling his engineering duties until the aircraft reached base." When asked, Andy will tell the complete story, and I intend to put it here on the web. It was one of those "flying home on a wing and a prayer" kind of edge-of-your seats accounts. The plane was so badly shot up, that the pilot was intending on bailing out over occupied France, but Andy insisted that they could make it back to the base. They reduced air speed and altitude and the pilot got control back of the plane. They couldn't make it back to their base, and the closest was an American Air Base (he really has a soft spot for any visiting US Airmen! - great hospital he says <g>). They pancaked in, no fuel, no controls, no landing gear!

Afterwards, he found that his parachute had been damaged when he was wounded and he never would have survived if they had bailed out!

After the war Andy served in the navy on both the HMCS Bonaventure and HMCS Magnificent, 2 of the 5 Carriers that Canada has had (now there are no Carriers in Canada's Naval force).

HMCS Bonaventure

HMCS Magnificent
Click on the smaller images for full size pictures.

After retiring from the Navy, Andy worked for the Canada Post until the mandatory age of retirement. This means that he served his country his entire working life! Andy, we don't say it often enough, but we all do appreciate your efforts.

Andy was great husband, father and grandfather. We don't say it nearly enough, but our lives have been enriched by knowing you, Andy.

Thanks for visiting,

Andy's Family

 On Andy's behalf, we're Very Proud
to Display this award!!


Remembering is a small price to pay for a Lifetime of Freedom


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