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The following people have very kindly contributed invaluable information to this website.

Eric Burger

Eric Burger provided considerable information on discontinued Olds trombones.

Eric Burger is currently an active-duty US Army trombonist and director of the 76th US Army Big Band based in Heidelberg, Germany. Aside from playing the trombone and conducting, he also sings and is an active composer and arranger of music. Eric started out on the tuba before transferring to the trombone under the tutelage of Don Brewer. Later, he had the privilege of studying with the trombone legends Paul Tanner, Frank Rosolino and Don Staples. Eric’s distinguished career has since included performances with luminaries such as Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, and The Blues Brothers, and with ensembles such as the Count Basie Orchestra, the Sacramento Symphony, the Rudy Salvini Big Band, the Herb Harisson Jazz Orchestra, the Wolf Kaiser Big Band Temptations, LA Jazz vocal group and various US Army Big Bands and ensembles. He has been recorded with many artists and on numerous sound tracks, been a featured soloist at festivals such as the North Sea Jazz Festival, the Montreux Jazz Festival, and Monterey Jazz Festival and is euphonium soloist with the Old Brass Band of Sacramento. An Olds fanatic, Eric plays almost exclusively on his 1945 Olds Super, although his stable of instruments includes a Bach 42G from 1973, a Weril marching baritone, a Jupiter Slide Trumpet and a Brasswind Alto Trombone. Eric’s homepage, which includes a fabulous page dedicated to Olds instruments, can be viewed at You can e-mail him by clicking here.

Gordon Cherry

Gordon Cherry provided serial number lists for a number of manufacturers.

Gordon Cherry, native of Toronto and graduate of the Eastman School of Music (Rochester, NY; class of 1971), was not only of sufficient prowess to have held a four-year scholarship at Eastman but also very fortunate to have received instruction from the legendary trombonist Emory Remington himself. Gordon went on to be Principal Trombonist of the National Arts Centre Orchestra. Since 1974, Gordon has been Principal Trombonist with the Vancouver Symphony and C.B.C. Vancouver Radio Orchestra. He has performed as a soloist with ensembles ranging from the Vancouver Symphony and CBC Radio Orchestra to the VSO Brass Quintet, Vancouver New Music Society and the UBC Wind Ensemble. Gordon has also experience as a recording artist, performing for various movies and TV specials. A Senior Lecturer (Adjunct Professor) at the University of British Columbia, Canada, Gordon has also taught at the Banff Festival, Courtenay Music Centre, and Saskatchewan Summer School.

In addition to his more orthodox musical interests, Gordon is a co-director (his wife Joyce being the other co-director) of Cherry Classics, a business under whose auspices Gordon provides live bands and sells sheet music. Gordon has also recently released a revolutionary product that has been selling well: a CD-Rom containing over 3000 pages of public domain low brass orchestral excerpts, which Gordon is marketing as "the Complete Low Brass Excerpt Collection". If you are interested in purchasing this product, visit the Cherry Classics website at and click on "Complete Low Brass Excerpt Collection". Alternatively, you can e-mail Gordon at if you wish to ask him about the Collection (or hire a Cherry Classics Band for your party/wedding/Bar Mitzvah/etc!).

Declaration of Interests: Gordon Cherry is a clinician and soloist with UMI.

Stewart B. Stunell

Having been playing trombones for nearly 55 of his 61 years, Stewart "hopes to get it right soon!" He was originally taught by his dad, a good amateur trombonist who played with brass bands in the North of England. Stewart also played in brass bands and in his school's orchestra (where he helped out by playing trumpet for a year). However, he has long since given up playing in brass bands - instead, Stewart has taken up conducting these, for about the last 15 years. His trombone playing is now mainly confined to the orchestral (with some big band) setting.

Initially, playing the trombone was just a hobby to him and Stewart started a career in Medical Science. However, Stewart later switched to teaching full-time - he has spent the last 36 years as a brass teacher, teaching the full range of brass instruments (which he says he plays "with varying degrees of competence").

Stewart's first instrument was an old "pea-shooter" fitted (by the late Wilf Heaton, a composer who owned a brass repair and sales shop in Stewart's home town, Sheffield) with a G trombone handle to enable him to reach long positions. His current trombone line-up is as follows: Conn 36H Alto, Conn 14H Tenor, B&H Sessionaire Tenor, Conn 74H Tenor, Conn 88H Tenor and Holton Tr181 Bass. He is also looking "for an old Conn 6H/48H and a smaller bass trombone and the money to buy them with".

Heinrich Voellmer

Heinrich Voellmer provided a number of links to German and Austrian instrument manufacturers, as well as comments on those companies.

Heinrich Voellmer, a manager with a major IT multinational, has been an amateur trombonist for forty years. In that time, he has participated in a wide range of musical organisations, including concert bands, combos, dance floor bands, jazz big bands and even a church trombone choir.

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