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Our Banner Ad Disclaimer

We have very little control over the banners that are displayed by the geoguide or by LinkExchange. Frequently, the content on these pages is quite good and in keeping with the values expressed on this site. However, this is not always the case. Therefore, we do not endorse or recommend any specific site advertised on one of these banners. If you want to visit other pages we do recommend, please see our links page or use the take a tour function of the geoguide.

As we hope you have noticed, we also have page sponsors through the geocities Pages That Pay program. We do hope that you will patronize these sponsors through the links on our pages. Even in this case, we cannot endorse all content found at a sponsor's site. For example, not every book or CD you can purchase at Amazon.com would be something we would recommend. If we link to a specific book, we do endorse it.

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