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Soviet Snipers in World War 2 

leningrad snipers russian sniper stamp world war two czech female sniper AVT-40 rifle
Snipers in Leningrad Russian sniper stamp Czech sniper with AVT-40 rifle

zaitsev with scoped sniper rifle

Vassili G. Zaitsev                                
Confirmed Kills: 225

Became a national hero during the battle of Stalingrad and became famous for killing the German master sniper instructor Major Thorvald in the duel that inspired the movie Enemy at the Gates.

CAPTION: Zaitsev and his sniper rifle.

"Await the moment for one, and only one well-aimed shot"
Vassili Zaitsev

sniper 1942

Sniper I. Antonov
Confirmed Kills: 300+

A naval sniper from the Baltic Fleet, waiting in ambush. During the World War Two this expert marksman killed more than 300 Germans. 

soviet female sniper

Lyudmila M. Pavlichenko
Confirmed Kills: 309
Pavlichenko served in the Red Army's 25th Infantry Division and became one of the 2000 Soviet female snipers, of whom only about 500 survived the war.

zaitsev in winter camouflage with rifle

sniper observes with scope

snipers cutting wire 1943

Zaitsev (left) in winter camouflage

A sniper observes through his scope

Snipers cutting through wire


Soviet Snipers:

It is estimated that Soviet snipers killed or wounded over 40,000 German soldiers during World War II however this number can be much larger. Soviet and Russian military doctrine uses snipers for long-distance suppressive fire and targets of opportunity, especially leaders. The Soviet Union also used females for sniping duties extensively, and to great effect.

During World War II the Soviets found that military organizations find it hard to replace experienced non-commissioned officers and field officers in a war. They also found that the more expensive and delicate sniper rifles could match the cost-effectiveness of a cheaper assault rifle given good personnel selection, training, and adherence to doctrine

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