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Falaise Gap Photos

canadian soldier traffic falaise 1st polish armored division minefield
Directing traffic in Falaise 1st Polish Armored Division Clearing mines

dead soldiers

canadian soldiers advance

1st polish armoured division

Captured Germans burry their dead

Canadian troops advance

Polish armor advances

convoy bombed German pows st lambert german pows

Destroyed convoy

German POWs

Some of the 50,000 German prisoners

sherman tanks of leclerc division

normandy armor

american armored column

French Shermans of the Leclerc Division

German armor in Normandy

American armored column


war flag

Trophy Pose: A group of U.S. infantrymen pose in front of a wrecked German tank while displaying a captured swastika. The infantrymen were left behind to mop-up in Chambois, France, last stronghold of the Nazis in the Falaise Gap area. August 20, 1944.

Battle of Falaise Gap map 1944

falaise map august 1944 german troops with a captured american M8 armored car

Map - Falaise Gap 1944

Map - August 1-13, 1944

German troops with a captured American vehicle


destroyed german tank

falaise square after bombardment

Destroyed German tank

The central square in the town of Falaise

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How to win a Victoria Cross: Officers and soldiers of the 2nd Panzer Division surrender to Canadian soldiers in St. Lambert-sur- Dives, France. Major David Currie (third from left, holding pistol) won his Victoria Cross during this engagement

4th canadian armoured division

directing mortar fire british tanks

4th Canadian Armoured Division Universal Carrier

Officers directing mortar fire

British tanks roll forward

Battle of the Falaise Gap:

The battle of the Falaise Gap (also known as the Falaise Pocket and Chambois Pocket) was the area between the four cities of Trun, Argentan, Vimoutiers and Chambois near Falaise, France, in which the remnants of the German Wehrmacht (Army) were trapped and effectively destroyed as a fighting force. 

The battle of the Falaise Gap marked the end of the Battle of Normandy, which started on June 6, 1944, and ended on August 22, 1944.  Although perhaps 100,000 German troops succeeded in escaping the allies due to the delay in closing the gap, they left behind 150,000 prisoners and wounded, over 10,000 dead, and the road practically impassable due to destroyed vehicles and bodies.  

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