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amtracs and vehicles knocked out by japanese shelling

Lieutenant R.A. Tilghman, of F. Co., 2nd Battalion, 27th Marines holds battlefield briefing under fire

Iwo Jima flag raising

Japanese shelling

27th Marines briefing

Tank crew of damaged Sherman tank 'Cairo' Iwo Jima view From the time of the landing on Iwo Jima, attacking Marines seemed to be moving uphill constantly. This scene is located between PURPLE Beach and Airfield No. 2
Tank crew of damaged Sherman tank 'Cairo' Frontal attack with tank support Marine advances uphill

getting ammo Inching up the Iwo Jima beach unloading cargo supplies on iwo jima
Getting ammo Inching up the beach Unloading supplies

Iwo Jima shelling, guns and armor litter the landscape

Iwo Jima's black sands

On Iwo Jima's black sands, Marines of the 4th Division shell Japanese positions cleverly concealed from the beaches. Here, a gun pumps a stream of shells into Japanese positions inland on the tiny volcanic island.

Marines start the drive to the interior of Iwo Jima


miss spit-fire flamethrower pinup

Inland on Iwo Jima


'Miss Spit-Fire' pinup

iwo jima captured japanese flag

Foxhole near Motoyama airstrip

Captured Japanese flag

Foxhole near Motoyama airstrip

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 Iwo Jima:

The Battle of Iwo Jima was fought between the United States and Imperial Japan during February and March of 1945, during the Pacific Campaign of World War II. As a result of the battle, the United States gained control of the island and the airfields located there. The battle is famous for the raising of the US flag by American troops on Mt. Suribachi.

Japan suffered a heavy loss; about 21,000 Japanese troops were entrenched on the island, and only 200 survived. The fighting was intense and the American troops captured the highest point, Mount Suribachi, while losing 6,821 men. The U.S. was obviously gaining ground in the Pacific theater at this point in the war, and the victory at Iwo Jima was another step towards the main islands of Japan. (The island was quite valuable as a base for aircraft.) For the Japanese, it was a loss of ground and a sign of impending defeat

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1) National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior


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