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Battle of El Alamein Photos

General Rommel 1942 second battle of el alamein battle of el alamein

General Rommel in 1942

British and German soldiers

Second Battle of El Alamein

el alamein british map

el alamein italian map italian soldier 1942 on a propaganda poster

El Alamein British map

El Alamein Italian map

Italian soldier

bayonets clearing mines in el alamein british tanks in the desert in 1942

Bayonet charge

Clearing mines

British tanks in the desert - 1942

general bernard monty montgomery commander of the british eighth army german afrika corps soldiers in the desert in 1942 gunners

General Bernard 'Monty' Montgomery

German soldiers of the Afrika Korps in 1942

Italian anti-tank gunners

german machine gun in the desert - afrika korps

british eighth army tanks in tripoli

panzer 3 tank in north africa

German machine gun in the desert

British Eighth Army tanks in Tripoli

Panzer III tank


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