Welcome to my Guestbook! Please tell me what you think of my page..what you would like to see and what might be changed. I'm very new at this and welcome any and all comments.

Nathalie Poirier - 12/08/00 05:30:00
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Genealogy Hint: Hmmm... I have none...

You have a great site here. Although, I don't have any surnames related to those you are looking for, I wanted to wish you the best of luck. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

John Bothwell - 11/14/00 05:43:48
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Genealogy Hint: If people would just stop making babies, then I could say that my Site's finished !

An excellent Site from all angles, especially the work that went into those GEDs. Well done : from Kingston, Ontario.

don elliott - 10/28/00 00:32:33
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good job

Ray - 10/10/00 04:21:26

A hello from a friend...

John Howard - 08/14/00 05:55:23
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Hi Katheren, first of all I would love to say Howdi (hello) from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. *SMILE* I have just visited your awesome homepages, I also loved all your beautiful pictures. *SMILE* I must say you sure have done a super job on each and every page, please do keep up this wonderful job you are doing. *SMILE* Thanks for sharing every thing with me as I must say I sure did love and enjoy my visit, I sure will be coming back. *SMILE* Bye the way I lived in Sydney N.S for 5 years so I know Cape B eaton quiet a bit. *SMILE* Please do take care and all the best my dear firend, please also remember to keep SMILING OK. *SMILE* LOL John

Paul Burke - 06/04/00 22:17:21
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Hi, Great site, especially love the fall picture. Keep up the good work.

Iris Sparrow - 04/05/00 22:03:07
My Email:iris_sparrow@hotmail.com

Hi There, I just viewed your site. It's very nice. I am almost an old neighbour of your's. (I live in Glace Bay).All the best :)

Rebecca Anderson - 01/02/00 05:10:11
My Email:rdwa74@hotmail.com

I have really been enjoying the tour through your website. I really love history and want to do my father's family tree. I am really interested in learning about genealogy.

shirleyfoley - 12/30/99 15:24:14
My Email:shirleyfoley@hotmail.com

Hi: Your site is just beautiful. I am researching my ggrandmother Bridget Mullowney (Maloney) of Sweet Bay, Nfld who m Garrett Kelly and my grand mother was Mary Anne Cook(e) b Sept 10, 1875 at Leading Tickles. Would there be any connection to your Mullowneys and Cook (e)'s. Happy New Year Shirley

ALTHEA DICKSON - 10/08/99 22:07:52
My Email:abdlld@aol.com
Genealogy Hint: NEW ENGLAND


Ray - 09/16/99 23:51:37

Hey, how ya doing havent seen you in awhile just checking up...send me a Q when you get a chance so I know you doing ok..... Ray

Ronda Wicks - 07/13/99 16:28:42
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Genealogy Hint: Never leave a stone unturned!

Kathryn, You have a very nice site! Keep up the good work and Happy Digging! Ronda

seeker - 07/09/99 19:21:11
My Email:almorley@sprint.ca

i just would like to say that i enjoyed all the information on this website, i feel that there was alot of effort put into this site, and it is evident that the person or persons responsible, have a passion for this subject, great job al

Lord Barlington Fontana Mitonlard Townsend Burlington III - 07/08/99 22:32:42
Genealogy Hint: The wealthy are better

Hello Katheren As you know us wealthy LOVE looking up our rich heritage why I was just saying to mummy last week after counting our money in the vault how great it is that our family was the first to cross in the mayflower,first class of course and how we bought up all hat land from the peasants that lived here,ahhh tis grand. hope to see more of your charming page ..toodles

Gene - 07/08/99 02:50:44
Genealogy Hint: my family loves peanut butter

Hi..me and all the gene family are proud you made a page about us.knowing that the study of Genealogy is going has made us all proud and happy..keep up the good work. oh and we love peanut butter dont forget that.

Ray the great oh so powerful OZ - 07/06/99 23:25:40
Genealogy Hint: if your fathers name is Clark Kent no your not Supermans son.

Hi..boy kathy love your page..I tried to look up my family tree once but they cut it down to make a strip mall,go figure,anyway love it all its beautiful keep up the good work. Ray

Cheryl - 06/27/99 17:40:13

Great page Kath...keep it up...:)

Jake - 06/19/99 03:26:02
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Genealogy Hint: you dont need another one

Rob told me to stop off here. So I did. Nice page Kath...doing a good job. Whatever it is you do now..hahahahaha...talk soon...Jake

Orr C.Jones - 05/08/99 03:33:19
My Email:Orr_CJones@msn.com

kathryn Allan was a little knockout in 1967 imagine what she looks like adter 32 years of improvement. Lots of Luck OCJ

CÚcile Charron - 04/23/99 14:21:10
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Hi Loved your web site. Keep up the good work.

Carolyn - 04/06/99 05:03:37
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Great Page Kathy, So tell me more, how do I find these sites?

greg hill - 04/04/99 18:35:11
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hi kath nice job on the page keep up the great work

Kathryn - 02/12/99 13:40:11

Just a test

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