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Our Family Tree

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Either click on the names in the blue box to check certain people, or to see how everyone is connected click on the family tree below.On the family tree you can still click on their names to check documents.The best way to check everything is to go through the family tree page by page. Some are still being worked on so check back often.

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Our Mother's Side
Bascarino Benn Cook Cornell (different spellings)
Crout (Grought) Cummings Curtis Diehl (Diel, Dieo,Delanski, Drill)
Hawkins Jones Mead Phenes
Roisi Schuler Seals Zwolenik (Zwolenska, Zwolenik)
Our Father's Side
Alger Anthony Atherton Coray (Corey)
Drake Fuller Harding Howell
Jones Madison Olin Raish
Shearer(different spellings) VanScoter (different spellings) Ward Webb
Wells Wheeler Woolever
We have put together some photos that we know have something to do with the Polish part of the family. We have no idea who, where or what time frame they are from. Please help us in identifying the people in these photos.
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Population of Corning in 1890 -- 8,583.
On March 20th, 1890 Governor David B Hill signed into law a bill creating the City of Corning from the Village of Corning and the community of Knoxville, now Corning Northside.
All documents, birth, marriage and death certificates, census records and newspaper clippings have been public record. We have obtained such documents to verify our findings and all such documents are held by our chief researcher, Lynn Gilbert. Some information has been unvarifiable and in this case it will be noted. E-mails are welcome to both chief researcher and webmaster located at the bottom of this page. Please remember to sign our guest book and make any comments to help better our website. Also see the guestmap at the bottom of the page and put a pin in please.

Click on our new page , Then and Now below , with living people from the family tree.A work in progress because we have to have permission for all entrys.
Then and Now

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Steuben County N.Y.1895
Broome County N.Y.1895
Columbia County N.Y.1895
Greene County N.Y.1895
Tioga County N.Y.1895
Yates County N.Y.1895
Otsego County N.Y. 1905

Researcher:Lynn Gilbert

Area History:Autumn Brown

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Historical Researcher:Faye Howell


High Bridge New Jersey
Prison Reform Elmira N.Y.
Bedford Hills Correction Facility
Hudson and House of Refuge
Dix Township
Painted Post
Pioneer Life in Greenwood
Lower Canisteo Valley
Upper Canisteo Valley
Tioga Valley
Wyoming Valley Massacre

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