Pagan Services


New Age Earth Religion Ministry
PO BOX 31341
Charlotte, NC 28231

Rev. Dr. Harold Broderick, DD Ph.D.
High Priest

Reverend Broderick is available for spiritual counseling and pastors to the pagan community.

Shamans of the Willow Moon
Denver, NC 28037

Shamans of the Willow Moon
E-mail Link

Shamans of the Willow Moon Coven members are available for spiritual counseling, rites of passage, handfastings, and death rites.

Church of the Earth
PO Box 58766
Raleigh, NC 27658
(919) 983-3226
Steve Stone

The Church of the Earth of Raleigh is a local gathering place in Raleigh, NC for followers of the Earth Religions. We follow redes and tenets created by a merging of Wicca, Celtic Druidism, Kabballah, and Native American Shamanism.

Ken Langer
Director of Music
Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
4907 Garrett Road
Durham, NC 27707
(919) 489-2575

Ken is the choir director at ERUUF and is pagan. He has just recently been approved by ERUUF to perform weddings at the fellowship.

North Carolina Piedmont Church of Wicca
PO Box 3
Shelby, NC 28150
Voice - (704) 434-8275
Fax - (877) 835-8800 ext 376

The church provides access to Wiccan religious services and instruction, not only to her members, but to any sincere seeker. Most of the members of the church have spent time as solitary practitioners. In fact, many of us still practice primarily on our own, turning to the church mostly for fellowship and emotional support. Because of this, we are sensitive to the needs of solitaires and try to tailor our services to accommodate individuals of various traditions. Please see their website for further information:

Reverend Kara Mueller
Ordained Pagan Minister
Raleigh, North Carolina

My coven has bimonthly learning circles. New people are welcome to attend these meetings. Learning circles are open; rituals are by invitation only.

Sacred Spiral
Family Friendly Eclectic Coven
Learning circles on the Second and Fourth Sunday of each month.
Raleigh, NC

Reverend Hibou
Ordained Minister

Rev. Hibou is available for counseling, dream interpretation, and is legally authorized to perform marriage/handfastings and funerals as well. Rev. Hibou follows mainly the Celtic teachings, but is familiar with many paths, and all these "services" are offered to anyone of any faith.

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