A nerve gas used by our angry international neighbors? Perhaps, but not in this case. Although some people would describe me as venomous and unnerving...

I would be be Saren, the co-creator of the site you see before you - Odds and Sods. I'm really more of the technical support and such more than anything. My "skills" of writing fiction and drawing fan art is pretty limited. My instrument: the O'Riley factor... a red Fender Squier, as pictured to your right. My other interest include playing guitar with my bass playing cohort, Jena, creating some of the stories and artwork you see on this site (if you can even call it art) and immersing myself in my ever growing collection of Who music and their solo careers. Seeing as I am quite unemployed, I am left with more time to enjoy such activities. [laughs] You'd think so, wouldn't you? Much of my time is consumed in my feeble attempts to bring down the place of Cruel and Ridiculous Torment in my pursut of a career in medicine which I quite possibly destroyed in the duration of this year.

Wish to
contact myself, or Jena, my comrade in crime? Knock yourself out... literally.
Saren's possessions
Albums by The Who:
- A Quick One
- The Who Sell Out
- Magic Bus
- Tommy
- Who's Next
- Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy
- Quadrophenia
- Odds and Sods
- The Who By Numbers
- Who Are You
- The Who: Live at the Isle of Wight
- Face Dances
- It's Hard
- Who's Missing
- BBC Sessions
- Join Together *
- The Who: Live at Leeds Deluxe
- Live at the BBC
- The Kids Are Alright
- My Generation Deluxe
- Who's Next Deluxe
- Ultimate Collection
- The Who Live at Royal Albert Hall
Albums by Pete Townshend:
- Who Came First
- Empty Glass
- All The Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes
- Rough Mix
- Scoop
- White City
- Deep End Live
- Another Scoop
- Iron Man
- Psychoderelict Music Only
- Psychoderelict
- CoolWalkingSmoothTalkingStraightSmokingFireStoking
- Avatar Box Set (Happy Birthday/I Am/With Love)
- Lifehouse Elements
- Oceanic Concerts
- Scoop 3
- Scooped
Albums by John Entwistle:
- Smash Your Head Against The Wall
- Whistle Rymes
- Too Late The Hero
- Anthology
- Left for Live Deluxe
Albums by Roger Daltrey:
- Rocks in the Head
- Under a Raging Moon *
- Can't Wait To See The Movie
Albums by Keith Moon:
- Two Sides of the Moon
Related Albums:
- Tommy Movie Soundtrack
- Tommy Broadway Production
- Quadrophenia Movie Soundtrack
- Tommy
- 25th Anniversary of Tommy
- White City *
- McVicor *
- Tommy Live *
- Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
* ~ co-owned with Jena.
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