Keith Moon
Keith John Moon was born on August 23, 1946 (crazy middle name for a soon to be crazy drummer). He had a rather loving family and he spent his younger years in childhood bliss, though he was said to have ADD and possibly ADHD (it's hyperactve cousin). ADD aside, he led a normal childhood, even though he lacked interest in anything. Even though he did take up boxing, he gave it up quickly (we wasn't very good at it, even though he did have one knock-out in his short term span). After the boxing fit, he liad stagnant for a while, becoming nothing more than a petty theif, stealing anything from candy bars to seat covers (and anything else his hyperactive, little hands could get a hold of).
Keith did not excel in school... he often recieved poor remarks on his report cards (i.e. "Retarded artisically- idiotic in other respects). Even though he tried his hand at brass intruments, but failed miserably. To Keith, it took too much hard work to pull off. So he turned to pulling practical jokes instead. He then became very interested in the music at local clubs and dance hall. It was then that he became very fond of the drums.
He was soon able to obtain a set of blue Premier drums from his friend and found a new outlet for his hyperactivity. It didn't take long before Keith was in a band of his own, "The Beachcombers"- a local band of guys in their twenties (by this time, Keith was in his mid-teens and dropped our of school at fifteen). Keith's drumming improved and soon he wanted to make it his job, not just his hobby.
One night he happened upon a group and proclaimed "I can play better than him" and upon climbing behind the drummer kit, he practically smashed it to pieces. Pete Townshend knew that they found a new drummer.
As a member of The Who, Keith rose all sorts of hell. When on tour, Keith would usually share a room with John Entwistle (The Who's bass guitarist), who usually went a long with Keith's antics (there wasn't much he could do to prevent them anyway). On one occation, Keith had the grand idea of flushing a cherry bomb down a hotel toilet in hopes that it would explode in the pipes and no one would figure out from where it came. So he dropped the bomb in and gave John the honors of flushing. To the two friend's dismay, the bomb was too big to flash and was about to explode. They leaped out of the bathroom and was able to avoid the broken shards of toilet. 
On another occasion, Keith thought it would be a good idea to have a tour pet and he and John went out and bought a piranha from a pet store. They didn't have enough money to buy a bowl for it, so they filled the hotel bathtub with warm water and left it there while they went to play their gig. When they returned they forgot all about the fish and were shoked to find it dead. After John felt the water, they came to a conclusion that the fish got too cold. Instead of flushing it, they wrapped it in toilet paper and left it on the counter for the maid.
Keith made only one solo album in his career, with the help of Beatle's drummer, Ringo Starr (a close friend of Keith. Keith would later give Ringo's son, Zak his first set of drums). Though the album wasn't something the critics took seriously, it became a favorite of Keith's fans. The wild-man drummer would obtain such nick-names such as "Moon the Loon" due to his crazy antics and no-care attitude. His drummer was electifying and his humor was original. 
Sadly, Keith got himself into a battle with substance abuse. On at least one occasion he past out while preforming with The Who at a concert. Though he survived, his life would soon come to a tragic end. On September 8, 1978 Keith died in his sleep due to a mixture of pills (designed to curve and relieve alcohol cravings) and  alcohol. Upon hearing the news of Keith's death, John Entwistle (who was in the middle of an interview at the time) broke into uncontrollable tears. He called off the rest of the interview.
"We have lost another great comedian, our supreme melodramatist, the man, who apart from being the most unpredictable and spontaneous drummer in rock, would have set himself alight if he thought it would make the audience laugh or jump out of its seats... We loved him and he's gone. The Who? We are more determined than ever to carry on, and we want the spirit of the group to which Keith contibuted so much to go on, though no human being can ever take his place." ~ Pete Townshnd 8/8/78
"I'm still the best Keith Moon-type drummer there is!"
Keith John Moon
Aug 23, 1946 ~ Sept 8, 1974
"And the wildman, he laid the thunder down!"
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