A really, REALLY big fanfiction archive. IMO, the best place 2 find a good fic of any genre.
Sakura's Lina/Zel fanfiction shrine.
really cool! :)
Another really good place 2 find Slayers fanfics. Slayers HS is one of my all-time faves ^__^
Elizabeth Smith's fanfiction page. IMO, one of the greatest L/Z fanfiction writers out there. Wings and Nobility are two of my all time faves and D&D and Fairy Tale are hilarious!...she has alot of other cool fics, too, tho, like Loss, Pain and Healing, Happily Ever After, etc. :)
Krista's Hearts of Ice fanfic. If you're a Ranma/Akane fanfic fan and you haven't read this need serious mental help.
Rosencrantz's Lina/Zel webring!!! ^__^
The other 2 Webings I belong to don't have buttons yet :(  
But here r the links anywayz:

Escaflowne Fanfiction Webring

I Need Escaflowne!!
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Really good artist! Go here 2 check out his work!
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A giant shrine to Milgazia...and i mean GIANT O,O
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