With Children

You Suddenly Realize You Are Blessed With Children When...

She discovers the fascination of flushing the toilet and you realize too late that really was a pencil she was holding.

While traveling across country you stop at a very busy truck stop for dinner and she keeps yelling "look at all those trucks mommy" but her T's come out as F's.

He comes home all excited because he just traded his brand new bicycle for some really cool baseball cards.

While having an intimate moment alone with your husband you look up to see your child staring at you because they need a drink of water.

Your daughter decides she wants to keep the finger nail polish bottle but not the polish so she washes it out in the bathtub.

Your daughter wakes up extra early and amuses herself with the "balls" in the refrigerator and you wake up and find a dozen eggs cracked open on the kitchen floor.

You son discovers the brand new lipstick you just bought makes a perfect substitute for a red crayon.

You just get done taking a drink of your iced tea and suddenly it dawns on you where your 2 year old got the ice cube from... and they have a finger up their nose.

You go to church right after Christmas and someone asks your sweet daughter what they got for Christmas and she shows them... One of the gifts was new pretty panties.

Your son decides chocolate pudding makes great finger paint... On his bedroom wall.

You wake up at 3:00am and can't go back to sleep so you decide to get up and you trip over 2 pairs of roller blades, 1 Teddy Bear, and just when you think it is safe, a backpack jumps out in front of you.

All the little episodes you see above were actual occurrences in my quest to raise children. Has anyone else out there suddenly realized they too were

Blessed... With Children?

Apparently So.....

Because these nice
people sent me these responses:

When you discover your three year old daughter happily "helping" your nervous female German Shepard to have puppies while you stare horrified as daughter holds a "new born" up for you to admire. When your five year old "tom-boy" daughter approaches female visitors while cupping grubby hands and saying..."Hold out your hands, I've got a surprise present for you!" or-- When you discover your nine year old daughter crouched in her bedroom with string extended through the window and you find that string has been attached to a bird cage door so she can trap squirrels and wild birds. Later when she succeeds in trapping a blue jay, she becomes indignant when told she can't keep it or-- When your 12 year old daughter wants to turn part of her room into a residence complete with tree limb for two founding squirrels she has fed since she "found" them after they fell from a live oak tree.
-stormey :-)

You discover a snake has made it into your home so you quickly begin the job of eradicating it because you just know your young daughter will be terrified, and when you have almost completed the job she wakes up and says, "Daddy, can we keep it?".
-Jim King-

You finally splurge and buy yourself a brand new comforter that you have been dying to get only to discover your three year old sitting on your bed, very quietly, painting her nails with a full bottle of Avon's very berry wine nail polish.
-J. Fazzone-

You try to explain to your one year old that 4:30am is not a good time to play and mommy really needs some sleep... and she just giggles at you. -Sunshine-

You've just woke up, (your eyes aren't even open yet) and your two year old son says, "Mommy you don't have a penis, WHY?" And he wants an answer right now. **This a direct quote from my youngest,who is now 13 and who I hope has figured out the answer for himself.

When your neighbor screams at her child,"SHUT UP", and your 4 yr old daughter tells her "My Mommie says 'shut up' is a rude word".
-Mitzi Spencer-

When my 2 year old daughter one day in a crowd decided to ask: "Mommy, how come Jami and Daddy have a tail and we don't? "She is now 28 and I am sure that she has figured it out by now.
-Joanie Stucky-

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**This Page was created by Tarina Adkins
A sometimes "confused and exasperated" mother of three

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