I am going to add sites here that are related to one of my favorite things..
Watching Whales and Dolphins!

I have been doing this since I was a kid and my parents took me to Florida every year on vacation. My Dad was in the construction business, and had to take a spring vacation so that he was home by the summer, when he was busiest!

We always went to New Smyrna Beach,Florida, for 2 weeks, and from there took trips all around the state. We were able to stand in the surf and watch the dolphins swim by, and they even would come up close and "look us over". It gave me a very strange feeling to see the curiosity in their eyes, and as time went by, I would take every opportunity I could to be near them, and watch them.

On our honeymoon in Florida, we stopped at the Dolphin Training School, on one of the Keys. It was the end of the day, and we were the only ones going around on the "tour". we got to meet the Dolphin named "Mitzy" who was the original dolphin in the TV show "Flipper". When we got to the dolphin pool, the guide asked if we wanted to go swimming with the dolphin. I was in regular clothes, so I felt funny about jumping in... to this day it is one of my biggest regrets! If only I hadn't been so young and modest... Someday I will get a second chance to swim with the dolphins! Click here to read a recent article about one man's experience, swimming with the Dolphins.

I just got a wonderful email from a new friend, and fellow dolphin lover, Charlotte.
She gave me the URL to her own tale of a swim with the dolphins.
Take a quick trip there to read and see pictures of her
"Dream come true"!

As I got older, I branched out to go on Whale-Watches,
and I am lucky enough to live near Cape Cod, and the Ocean.

I have gone whale-watching in Maine,
off the coast of Plymouth,Massachusetts, on the Stellwagen Banks
and in Hawaii...
I still have to go many places...
Alaska and the Baja Peninsula are two more on my list!

Here is a place to go for ideas...
Whale Watching List!

We were lucky enough to go to Hawaii to celebrate our 25th Anniversary,
and while visiting the village of Lahaina, on Maui,
we wandered into one of Wyland's art gallerys. To our amazement and Joy..
we saw some of his paintings and sculptures in person.
We fell in love with the artwork and bought a book
containing a wonderful selection of his talented creations.
We Bostonians are lucky to have one of his famous Whaling Wall Paintings here.

Title: "Stellwagen Bank Humpbacks"
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Size: 110 Ft. Long x 125 Ft. High
Dedicated: 06/21/93

Now to share a few of my favorite sites:

Dolphin Hunt
Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary
Jessi's Whale Page
Swim with the Dolphins Listen to the Whale Sounds (Click on the sound you want to hear)
Mandurah Dolphins
New England Waters Information
Whale Club
Whale Information Network
Whales On The Net
Whale-Watching Web
Whale Web
Wyland- the artist

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