Well, Hello to all you Music Lovers,
and Welcome to My Page of Musical Favorites.
I grew up in a wonderful time of changes in Music:

From the 40's
(As a little kid Listening to my Dad Play his favorites..
He and My Mom danced to all the Big Bands,
and got to know some of them personally)...

To the 50's
(When I myself started really paying attention to music,
dancing and carrying around a small portable radio
everywhere I went, and "sighing" over Elvis)...

Through the 60's
(When I went to college,listening to
those long-haired upstarts called the Beatles)...

Into the 70's
(I was now married, starting to raise my own kids!)

The Music really started changing again.
With the new influence of drugs and the flower-children;
it seemed to lose some of it's specialty.
I have never been able to enjoy the really loud or screeching
or head-banging ,or rap "music"; where you can't understand..
Or maybe don't want to know, the lyrics.)
During this time, the music of the Movies, Broadway, and TV
became more important and popular.
And don't let me forget to mention the new "electronic" music
One of my favorites!

But through it all, there were those special songs that stood out!
I have tried to take songs from all those times,
And gathered them here for you.
I hope you enjoy them, as much as I do!

So here goes... Sit back, Relax and Happy Listening:


1812 Overture
Claire de Lune
Rhapsody in Blue
Sugarplum Fairy

Easy Listening:

Circle of Love
Dream A Little Dream
Hawaiian Wedding Song
It's A Wonderful World
Over the Rainbow
Peg O' My Heart (In honor of my Mom!)
Penny's From Heaven
(Sounds better to me this way! *grin*)
Satin Doll
Someone to Watch Over Me
Time of My Life
Try a Little Tenderness
You've Lost that Lovin' Feeling

Broadway,Movies,and TV:

Broadway Medley
Chariots of Fire Theme
The Entertainer
Flipper Theme
Godfather Theme
Master of the House
Music of the Night (Phantom)
New York, New York
Phantom of the Opera
Pink Panther Theme
StarTrek Theme
Star Wars Theme
Titanic Theme

Golden Oldies:

Blueberry Hill
My Blue Heaven
Loveletters in the Sand
Sleep Walk
Yackety Sax

Boogie-Woogie, Jazz and Ragtime:

CQ Boogie
Jazz Medley
Mapleleaf Rag
When the Saints Go Marching In

Kiddy Favorites:

Baby Bump
Beauty and the Beast
Take Me Out To The Ballgame
Teddybear's Picnic
Under The Sea
When You Wish Upon A Star
Zippity Doo Dah

Just For Fun:

Alley Cat
Little Brown Jug
Running Bear


Amazing Grace
Let There be Peace on Earth
Lord's Prayer

(I am just building this page...
Check back with me soon, to see what comes next, okay?)

Please bear with me, and sign my guestbook! *grin*...

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A very Special Thank you to Rita Peitz
who designed these gorgeous graphics!
When I saw them, It started me thinking of this page...
So I wanted to thank her.
Please stop by her page,
you may find something you like too!

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