Penny's Mouse House

Our Guardian Angel, "Faith", Watches over our little Mouse Family!

Hello! *giggles*
It's me again... "snuffles"...

Welcome to Penny's Mouse House.
Penny is designing a new house where her little mice can have a safe and fun place to live! Penny has recently adopted a beautiful little girl mouse from the MousePad Orphanage. She is trying to build her a new house, and furnish it for her too. The little dear is peacefully sleeping right now, having no idea what a wonderful life is ahead of her, or all the great experiences she has coming in her life, or the people she will meet and places she will go...
Lucky Her!!
You can click on the front door and each of the windows and "peek" into the rooms to see what is going on in there!
(But please have patience, Penny is very busy furnishing the house..*grin*)

Introducing "Missy Mouse"!
This is MISSY whom I adopted on May 28, 1997 from the
MousePad Orphanage.

She is a little girl mouse, who is dreaming of the wonderful things to come in her life.
The world seems so new and exciting to her.
So much to learn and so many places to see.
Lucky her!

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Missy has gotten alittle lonely lately,
so I went back to the MousePad Orphanage
and was lucky enough to be able to adopt a little brother for her..
I decided to name him "Sonny", and as you can see,
he is full of energy and ready to go!
He will be loved, and cared for.. just like Missy has been. *smile*

Registration #:10

This MousePad Orphans Ring site
is owned by PENNY.

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*giggles*...yup! it's me again..
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Thanks to vikimouse, for her wonderful graphics!
What fun I have had designing this part of my Homepage!

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