Welcome to the Place Where I Work...!

I am the Admission Secretary at a local Rehabilitation Hospital in my area.
Do you know what a "Rehab" hospital is?

It is the hospital that your doctor or your insurance company sends you to
when you need some extra care before you go home,
after an illness, an operation, or an accident.

I love my job!
I am usually the first person that an incoming patient meets.
It is a very scary thing to be transferred to a new hospital after a tramatic experience,
and I try to help them get settled, and bring a smile to their faces.
I interview them to check all our information about them,
give them a brochure about the hospital and the people that will be taking care of them,
and I get them signed in. If the patient is too sick to sign in,
I often have to have the help of the family too.

I like the fact that as I walk around the hospital, I see familiar faces,
and get smiles of recognition from the patients and families,
and they know that if they need help, they can call me too.
They become part of my "family" away from home.

I have worked here for almost 8 years,
after going back to work full time when my last child entered High School.
When I first started working here, I didn't know if I could continue...
I became so sad at seeing some of the serious illnesses,
but then I realized what a help it was to the patients, to see a smile,
and to have someone treat them like "normal" people, even though they were ill.

The New England Sinai Hospital has been in existence for over 75 years,
and at it's present location for over 29 years.
Click here for an article about it's History.

Sinai is a very nice place to work, and there is a "family" atmosphere
between the employees. I have been told that over 75% of the employees
have worked here over 5 years... quite an achievement for a medical facility,
in a world of fast moving careers.

The hospital grounds are very pretty, and well groomed,
as you can see by the above picture.
I love to go out on the patio for lunch,
and see the families visiting with the patients.

Our patients usually come to us from an "acute" hospital...
One that has an emergency room, and operating rooms, (which we don't have).
We get alot of post-surgery patients...
People that have had Cardiac By-Pass Surgery, Hip and Knee Replacements,
Strokes,Spinal Cord Injuries, Paralysis, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Head Injuries,
Respiratory Problems, Cancer Treatments and Care, Uncontrolled Diabetes,
and Chronic illnesses like Muscular Dystrophy, ALS, MS, COPD,
Parkinson's Disease, Arthritis, Liver Diseases requiring Dialysis, etc.
And we have some long-term care patients, who need our special care to survive.

We have opened a new Transitional Care Facility, where our patients
who don't need hospital level care, but can't quite go home safely yet,
can go for some strengthening and "buffing up" before they go home.

We also have a very busy Out-Patient Department,
where people come for rehab and for our treatment clinics in life-long conditions
like diabetes,arthritis, hearing loss, and chronic back pain.
We have a program for Developmental Delays, effecting speech,
language,cognitive, and motor function in children.

We also offer Pool Therapy, and off-site physical Therapy at the Striar Center, in Stoughton.

We offer an Adult Day Care Program for elderly and disabled people,
so that they have a place to stay during the day in a supervised structured environment.
A very helpful plan for people who work and need a safe place
for their loved-ones to stay during the day.)

We help those who wear braces and prosthetics, to find the right fit,
and to learn to be able to function independently.

It is a non-profit hospital,
a teaching affiliate of Tufts University School of Medicine,
with a Residency Program at the Stoughton Site.
Sinai also has a satellite unit on the premises of New England Medical Center in Boston,
and is accreditated by JCAHO, ASHA, CAP, ADA, and CARF.

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