You have all been asking for pics of our family:

So here goes...

This picture was taken in the fall of 1996
at an anniversary party for one of our friends:

Top row: Rich, 23.. Charles, 22.. Angel (Charles' fiance)

Bottom row: Suzanne, 21.. Pam and Charlie..(forever young!)


Here are the kids in about 1985:

And here they are Graduation Pictures:

Charlie and I promised on our Honeymoon,
that we would try very hard to go to Hawaii for our 25th Anniversary..
and we were lucky enough to be able to take a cruise around the Hawaiian Islands.
It was wonderful!


On my Parent's 50th wedding anniversary in August 1991,
we had a family picture taken outside the restaurant where we had the party..
As you can see, the kids have grown quite a bit since then..
and funny how my hair has gotten lighter too...*big grin*

Top Row: Steve, my brother; Adam, my nephew; Sue, my wonderful sister;
Middle Row: Suzy; Trevor, my nephew; Marty, my B-in-Law;
Bottom Row: Charles; Charlie and Pam; Mom and Dad (Peg and Dick);and Rich

Well, they are married now, and here they are in the first picture as Mr. and Mrs.... Charles doesn't look too happy, does he? and Rich is on the right, with Suzy getting Angel's flowers ready... The lights all went out because of a Power failure, and the whole ceremony, from when the mothers walked down the aisle, to when everyone left, had to be done to candlelight! It was beautiful! This picture is so light because the flash was reflecting off the white walls. Can't wait to see the pictures by the photographer.

November 1,1997

I entered one of my quilts in a local quilt show March 7th, 1998. It was a thrill!

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