My First Award:

I would like to thank "Ciara's World", for this wonderful award.
I am very,VERY, proud to have received it!
Thank's Ciara for paying attention,
and taking time to reward the people
who are trying to create sites presenting good,
wholesome content to the net...
We need ,more of them!

As you know, I love Dolphins and Whales.
I found a wonderful page to visit,
and received another award from this page owner.
Please take time to go and enjoy her hard work!
Kate's Crystall Dolphin .
It will be time well spent!

I have just received two awards that I am also very proud of.
They have been awarded by a lady who has a beautiful page,
and whose award winning pages are some of the nicest
I have seen on the net. Thank you very much, Connie! *Hugs*...

Make sure you stop by to see Connie's pages too. They are worth it!

What a beautiful award this is! Thank you Debbie.
It is greatly appreciated!
*Big Smile*...

Make sure you check out Debbie's Winners' Circle Too!

I am very thankful for this beautiful award From Carol!
it was not solicited, which makes it even more special!

Carolmanaw's WolfSong Award

Please stop by her Homepage, for a real treat!
It is very warm and emotional and educational too!

A Big Thank-you to Camille and John Hagemann
for this next award. It is a treat to receive an award
from people who have a special place on the net themselves!
Mak sure you stop by to see their homepages too.
You will not be disappointed.

Thanks go to Swa too,
for being so kind to reward my site after visiting it.
It does make me feel special
to know that people appreciate my hard work!

I love to browse around,
and after seeing this next site,
I signed Grandma's Guestbook, telling her,
how much I loved her site.
She in turn visited my site,
and I am so proud she liked it too!
Thanks Sandy!

Thank-you to Nancy for this beautiful award.
It was a surprise, and an honor!
Stop by to visit "Dreams and wishes by Nancy"
It will be time well spent.

Thanks to Gypsy for this pretty award.

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Please e-mail me at :

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